Warwick Weekly

August 2018 Edition & Parent/Guardian Handbook

This August edition of Warwick Weekly is meant to help you prepare for the upcoming school year and serves as an online parent handbook. We hope you bookmark it for future reference. It will always be posted on our newsletter web page. If you still have questions after reading this newsletter, please call the Warwick Main Office at 267-893-4050.
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Warwick in One Word

With Mrs. Leatherbarrow's arrival as the new principal of Warwick Elementary School, she has invited teachers, parents, and Student Council Ambassadors into school to get to know them and learn about Warwick. In many of these conversations, she asked to describe what Warwick is in one word. The collection of words used to describe Warwick has been a testament to this school, its families, and community. Friendly, committed, kind, awesome, warm, community, collaboration, harmony, informative, supportive, proud, and caring are among the words shared. However, there is one word that was been mentioned by multiple people, and agreed upon as the over-arching word for both groups that met with Mrs. Leatherbarrow. The word they chose that best represents Warwick is FAMILY.

Mrs. Leatherbarrow would have to agree. Warwick Elementary feels much more like a family than a faculty, school, or community. Not only do the people she has met so far care about this school, they genuinely care about and support each other. She has already felt this herself. During her meetings with parents and guardians, Mrs. Leatherbarrow told them that "coming to Warwick has felt like walking into one giant hug." What can be better than that when you are new! She hopes that all of the new families and students feel the same way as they join her in beginning their years within the Warwick Family.

A Note on Staying Connected

Dear Warwick Parents & Guardians,

We all want excellent schools for our children. Warwick will be the best school for our students when we all stay connected and involved. Here are some of the ways in which you can accomplish both.

First, if someone you know who has a student enrolled at Warwick for the 2018-2019 school year did NOT receive this newsletter via email, that means that they do not have a current and accurate email address in the Portal. It is important to always make sure Portal demographics are up to date and accurate.

If you (or someone you know) does not know how to get into the Portal, please click here and follow the directions under "Portal Help." The Portal is an important tool for parents and guardians. Throughout the year you can use the Portal to view progress reports, attendance, immunizations, and state assessment scores. This is also where you can update your email address and phone number as well as emergency contact information for your student.

Please use our school's website as a resource. We will have an updated calendar for the school year posted there as well as other information and helpful links.

In addition to accessing our newsletter and website, we hope you will follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, and download the free CBSD app (see below for links to all three).

Finally, staying connected online and through social media is great, but nothing beats actually being here! We hope to see you here for events, as a volunteer, and as we celebrate our students. Our teachers will reach out with classroom opportunities to volunteer and participate. Our PTO will offer other opportunities as well. Mrs. Leatherbarrow has always said: "An involved student is a happy student, and a happy student excels at school." Our students follow our example. Start now and model involvement in school for your children.

We look forward to seeing you. And thank you in advance for sharing with us your amazing children!


Mrs. Leatherbarrow

Proud Principal

Warwick Elementary School

Warwick Parent Teacher Organization

Click here to learn more about our amazing PTO and how you can get involved!

Summer Days at Warwick

So, what happens at school during the summer? Planning, cleaning, hiring and gardening. (Not necessarily in that order!) Led by Mr. Jerry, our Custodial Crew has done a fantastic job getting Warwick ready and beautiful for our students to start a new school year. Mr. Robert has been regularly picking, pruning, and weeding the incredible vegetable garden started by our students and teachers 4 years ago. Mrs. Leatherbarrow was thrilled to add an additional first grade section and so continues to interview and hire new faculty and staff to round out our already impressive group of educators and support staff. Additionally, Mrs. Leatherbarrow has been meeting with the PTO to plan activities and assemblies, and will continue to plan with teachers when they return before the school year starts for students. All of these things are going to make 2018-2019 school year fun and engaging for "every ONE to learn and grow together."

Warwick Faculty & Staff Summer News!

Over the summer we have had a few changes among our faculty and staff. Please join us in welcoming the following new Warwick Bears...

  • Mrs. Lori Gonsiewski, Learning Support Teacher
  • Ms. Angelica Kolokithias, Learning Support Teacher
  • Mr. Robert Glemser, Building Tech
  • Mrs. Kristen Leuthe, Phys. Ed. Teacher
  • Ms. Catherine Sayer, Art Teacher
  • Mrs. Colleen Snyder, PCA
  • Mr. Aric Branchfield, Music
  • Mrs. Lisa Jethon, Grade 4 Teacher
  • Mrs. Lauren Zeleznik, Grade 6 Teacher
  • Mrs. Lauren Devine, Grade 1 Teacher
  • Mrs. Caryn Trotter, Staff Nurse
  • Mrs. Lauren Smith Becker, Grade 3 Teacher

Please join us in saying farewell and best wishes to the following faculty and support staff.

  • Mr. Robert Garza
  • Mrs. Diane Rhodes
  • Mrs. Lauren Casarella

Student Emergency & Information

Each year, the Central Bucks School District requires our families to fill out a Student Emergency & Information Form. This year, we are asking that you complete your family’s Student Emergency & Information Form online by September 14, 2018. The online form will ask you to confirm and/or update the following:

  • Demographic Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Health Information, including permission for emergency care and analgesic administration
  • Media Release Preferences

Click here to be directed to your Parent Portal account to complete the emergency information form. Thank you for taking the time to update this important information.

Parent/Guardian Volunteer Requirements

Before parents and guardians can volunteer, they must have all necessary clearances. Click here so you are ready when volunteer opportunities arise.

Notes on Arrival and Dismissal

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Student Arrival

The instructional school day begins at 9:05 a.m. Students may begin arriving at 8:45 am.

All students are encouraged to ride the bus or walk as designated safe by the Central Bucks School District. For students who are driven to school, parents/guardians may drop off their students after 8:45 a.m. using the Meetinghouse Road parking lot. The parking area off Almshouse Road is for buses only. The separation of buses and cars is necessary to keep our students and drivers safe. See map above.

For safety and supervision reasons, students may not be dropped off before 8:45 a.m.

Late Arrival to School

Any student arriving after 9:05 am is late and can not be "dropped off" using the Meetinghouse Road parking lot loop. Late students must be walked into the Main Office by their parent/guardian. The student will receive a "late slip" to be taken to their classroom teacher in order to be admitted to class late.

Student Dismissal

Our instructional day ends at 3:45 pm. Our dismissal procedures occurs between 3:45 and 4:15 pm.

Parents and guardians who wish to pick up their students(s) at dismissal must use the Meetinghouse Road parking lot and follow the loop noted in the map above. Parents/guardians should NOT get out of their cars. Students will be walked to their cars for safety and security reasons. We appreciate your support and patience.

Changing Your Dismissal Routine

If it is necessary to change your normal pick-up routine at the end of the day, i.e., a different adult, bus rather than car, car rather than bus, a change in child care arrangements, etc., a written note must be presented to the classroom teacher, who will share the information with the office.

Any phone calls regarding a change in end-of-day plans must be directed to the office before 3:00 PM through a phone call (267-893-4055) or via e-mail and not directly to the classroom teacher, as teachers are engaged with students' learning and will not be able to check their email during the instructional day.

Bus Transportation

Bus information for students in grades K -12 is available through the Transportation tab in the Parent Portal.

In the interest of establishing an orderly dismissal system, we proceed through dismissal more slowly than usual during the first week of school. Please do not be alarmed if your child(ren)’s bus is not at their bus stop at the stated time during the initial week of school.

School Visits and Security

To protect our students and staff while school is in session, all exterior doors are locked during the school day. Parents, guardians and all visitors during the school day must enter the school using the Main Entrance. Please have a valid state issued photo identification card with you (e.g., PA License). You will use the buzzer at the exterior of our Main Entrance to state your reason for visit and show your ID. Once inside the vestibule, you will again need to be buzzed in. Once in the Main Office, you will swipe your PA Licence and receive a visitor's sticker stating your name, time ,and destination. Visitors must wear this sticker at all times and return it to the Main Office when you sign out to leave Warwick. This procedure is necessary for all visitors, even those that frequently visit and volunteer. We appreciate your support and patience.

Dropping off Items for Students During School Day

If you need to drop off an item for your student during the school day, please put your student's first and last name and grade on the item. Leave the item in the vestibule. School staff will collect items every half hour and make sure that students receive them.
Before/After School Care

Click here to learn about the before and after care provided by our CB Community School.

Other Important Notes

Excusing Student Absences

When your student will be absent from school, please use the Attendance Hotline (267-893-4055) to report the absence and email your student's teacher.

Here is a list of absence reasons that are excusable in PA Public Schools: illness, quarantine, death in the immediate family, religious holidays, home emergencies, and health care directly related to the student. Excuses must be called/emailed within three (3) days of the student’s return. State law requires that an explanation of absence be stated in order for schools to excuse an absence.

As per CBSB Policy 204, students with more than 10 excused absences cumulative throughout the school year must have a doctor's note. Please contact Mrs. Pecoraio if you have questions or concerns about your student's health-related absences.

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Notes from the Nurse

As we return to school, please take the time to check your children’s heads for lice. Stay vigilant with routine checks throughout the year. Please take a moment to review the CBSD Board Lice policy and report any active case to our Certified School Nurse, Ms. Puleo at 267.893.4065 or spuleo@cbsd.org.

Peanut/Tree Nut Safe Classrooms

As in years past, some Warwick classrooms have students with severe peanut/nut allergies and those classrooms will be identified as peanut/nut safe classrooms. Please keep an eye out for additional information from your child's teacher regarding the impact of being a part of a peanut/nut safe classroom. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our certified school nurse, Mrs. Shawn Pecoraio at 267.893.4065 or specoraio@cbsd.org

CBSD Schools are Latex Free

It is important to note that all schools in Central Bucks School District, including Warwick, are latex-free. Latex is an environmental concern due to student allergies. Parents and visitors should not bring latex products, particularly balloons, into school buildings. Please contact Shawn Pecoraio at 267-893-4065 with any questions or concerns.

Food Services at Warwick

Central Bucks School District partners with Aramark for their food service needs. Click to read Aramark's letter to parents/guardians for the 2018-2019 school year as well as check out the many useful resources that Aramark provides on their web page.
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August Events

Warwick Kindergarten Parent Orientation (AM and PM)

Wednesday, Aug. 29th 2018 at 6pm

Warwick Elementary School, Jamison, PA, USA

Jamison, PA

Join us in the Library for an overview of the Kindergarten experience, meet staff, and learn about the Warwick Elementary School Family.

Note: Babysitting provided by Central Bucks High School East and West National Honor Societies.

Open House

Thursday, Aug. 30th 2018 at 11am-12pm

Warwick Elementary School, Jamison, PA, USA

Jamison, PA

Students and parents/guardians are welcome to stop by the school between 11 am and 12 pm to visit their classroom and meet their teacher. Be sure to use the Meetinghouse Road parking lot and St. Cyril's lot if additional parking is needed.

Note: Our Faculty has a packed agenda in preparation for the new school year so we ask that all Warwick Bears arrive between 11 am and 12 noon so teachers can get ready for an exciting school opening!

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Help Support Warwick

Thanks to the Warwick PTO, the following are ways to support our school while you shop.
  • Yubbler School Supplies: Support Warwick by shopping for school supplies at yubbler.com!

More information coming soon regarding how to use the following to support Warwick...

  • Giant A+
  • Box Tops
  • Amazon Smile:

Thank you for your continued support!

Helpful Links:

Note: Parents/Guardians who do not wish to have their students' images shared on social media (i.e., newsletters, Twitter and Facebook) should indicate so on the Student Information form found on the Parent Portal.

We want to hear from you...

In each Warwick Weekly, we will include the opportunity for you to share feedback with us so that we can all continue to learn and grow together. If you have feedback for us, please click here.
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