Paper Towel Lab Poster

By: Marlina Brusick Dr.Kilgore's Science Class 2014

What Is This Experiment?

In this experiment I am going to buy three brands of paper towels and pour the same amount of water on one sheet of the paper towel. After one minute I am going to ring out the water in the towel and which ever paper towel sheet that has the least amount of water in the cup after ringing it out soaked up the most.


If I pour water on different brands of paper towels, then Brawny will pick up the most.

The Independent Varible

In this lab, the independent variable is the brand of paper towels.

The Dependent Variable

How many paper towel sheets you use.


There is no control group. But if there was, it would be the paper towel sheet I don't spill any water on.

Constants ( atleast three)

1. location

2. temp. of water

3. Ring force

Testable Question

What paper towel brand will pick up the most water if you pour 1/2 cup of water on sheets of different brands of paper towels.


After testing every brand of paper towel, bounty soaked up the most water. My hypothesis was incorrect.


1. Get the paper towel brands: Bounty, Brawny, sparkle, and Scott

2. Gather all of your materials you need

3. Rip off a sheet of paper of each brand and take one on the counter, leave the others to the side.

4. Put 1/2 cup of water in the measuring cup

5. Pour the 1/2 cup water on the paper towel sheet.

6. Start your timer for one minute.

7. While you are waiting for a minute, dry off your measuring cup with a towel.

8. Once the minute is up, carefully pickup the paper towel.

9. Ring out the water from your paper towel in the measuring cup ( getting as much water out of it as you can) and see how much water was left.

10. Write down the brand and how much water was left in the measuring cup after ringing it out.

11. Repeat the same thing for the rest of the brand so paper towels and see which paper towel left the least amount of water in the measuring cup after ringing it out and that one was the on that soaked up the most water.


- paper towels

- water

- counter top

- timer

- measuring cups

-notebook ( or something to write your observations on)

- pencil