Presidential Flyer Project

By Maddie Reichert

Requirements to be president

Here is the requirement to be president

1. You need to be born a natural U.S citizen

2. You must be least 35 year old of age

3. Must of lived in the United States for least 14 years to be president

And there a lot more that is requirement to be president but there is just small list of things

More things

List of the salary is $400, 000 per year for the president

Some benefits or perks of the job is you can do many things as president and other things within the white house. Like you can travel and control things, much more things too.

List the 10 Constitutional powers

The list of the 10 (constitutional powers) that are granted to the president in Article II

1. Signs or rejects all legislative bills passed by the congress

2. Is commander & chief of military forces

3. Request opinions

4. Grant reprieves or pardons

5.Makes treaties (with foreign nations) advises & consent of the senate

6.Nominates on things with many different things

7. Can fill vacancies

8.Give congress from time to time information

9.Convene both the house of congress on extraordinary occasions

10. Take care of things and keeps things in order

There is many different things that is given or granted to the president.And each one of the 10 constitutional powers is different and goes along with being either executive, diplomatic or even judicial legislative. The one that is the most important is probably having the making treaties with the foreign nations and other places to make things fair and equal, so there not war or fights.

The five leadership qualities and skills

The five leadership qualities and skill (Needed to be successful president)

1. Decision making in things

2. Encourage dynamic conflict resolution

3.Be able to communicate clear things and inspiring vision on things for the country

4. Trust between the government and the people

5. Be one - of - kind and amazing level 5 leader

And the most important trail to be successful president has to be having trust between the government and the people, there is a lot more things to make good president.

How you would use your position as President of the United States to find a solution to a current challenge

As the position as president of the Untied States, I would change things around with the country. And find things to fix any kind of solutions that is current during this time. Like making sure things are going okay and fix any problems so things don't get out of control.

Current things are that are going on now are crazy and I could try to stop things before the things get out of control. That's what I would do if I get the position as president. And I would make things equal and fair for everyone.

List and explain which Constitutional Powers, Presidential roles leadership qualities

There is a lot of things with the constitutional powers, presidential roles and leadership to have good qualities.

I would probably have good leadership and good trust with the government along with the people. And constitutional powers I would have is taking care/ control of things, making treaties with others and being a commander/chief of the military to keep things safe and that no further wars happen. And I would use things to solve the many problems that go on with the United states and other place too, try to keep things fair and equal with the people and everything.