ENG103B Announcements

It's May!

Can you believe we are in May already! We only have 28 school days left!

That means you only have 28 school days to earn the grade you want.

English by the numbers:

Total points possible: 3285
Minimum amount of points needed to pass: 1971

Open the gradebook, and see how many points you have.
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Have you completed all the extra credit opportunities?

Module 18 - Extra Credit A - 25 points possible

USA Test Prep Practice - 15 points possible

Vocabulary quizzes in Modules 3-5 - 110 points possible - Due Sunday!

Looking ahead to next week

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NWEA Test on Tuesday!

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You will take NWEA online during a Class Connect session

Food for thought:

The literary essay was due last week. Out of 126 students, I only received:

31 planning documents
25 first drafts
15 final drafts

That means I am missing final essays from 88% of you! and 75% of you haven't even started the planning document.

This essay is worth a total of 550 points! Don't lose those points. The class average for the final draft is 97%, so everyone who turned it in did a great job!

Let me know how I can help you succeed. - Ms. Rusie