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Imagine Learning- Language & Literacy

Welcome to Imagine Learning- Language & Literacy. Imagine Learning and the Broward County Public Schools Bilingual department will be working together to support newcomers. We look forward to working closely with you to ensure that you have a successful implementation. You will receive Smores, your personalized newsletter, throughout the year with important implementation information, contest details, tutorials for teachers, and much more.


Imagine Learning newcomer blended learning models are designed to provide students with enriching experiences in culture, language, and literacy. This program introduces students to relevant cultural themes and related vocabulary while developing essential speaking, reading, and writing skills.

The thematic lessons are grouped by grade level chunks. Blended learning model themes for grades K-5 are school, family, games, recreation, celebrations and citizenship, and place. Themes for students in grades 6-8 are: school, places, citizenship and important people, and pop culture. Educators will have access to lesson plans, pathway to digital activities, and additional print resources.

Imagine Learning Language & Literacy student licenses were also used during a rotation model.

Student User Criteria, Usage Recommendations, and Login Information

Student User Criteria

Grades K-8

Immigrant Newcomers

Usage Recommendations

60-90 minutes a week


  • Student and teacher accounts are created by the district based in spreadsheet provided to Osiris De Los Rios by school site expert.
  • New student accounts needed to be updated in SIS. Once account is updated, then site expert must email Osiris new students. She will share with district IT contact. It can then take 24-48 hours before the account is created in Imagine Learning.

Login Information

  • Google Chrome
  • Clever
  • Imagine Language & Literacy

Teacher Resources- Getting Started

  • How-To: Assign Students to CANA Groups and Edit Student Accounts (Must do.)
  • New Activity Explorer and Lesson Explorer
  • Watch Teacher Dashboard Overview tutorial video.
  • Acess additional CANA resources.

Teacher Dashboard Overview

Did you know that you can monitor student usage, progress, and growth right from your Imagine Learning Portal? All you have to do is login and take a look at your Dashboard. To view a tutorial on the Dashboard, click on the link below.

Click to view tutorial. (Video can be viewed full screen).

Classroom Resources

  • 10 Steps Poster
  • Class Progress Poster
  • Student Session Tracker

Imagine Learning University

Ready to get the most out of your Imagine Learning product? Visit Imagine Learning University, a self-service education website designed specifically for busy educators like you.

  • Learn the essentials of program management and how to facilitate student sessions.
  • Inform and enhance instruction with the help of real-time data.
  • Facilitate student success through innovative use of digital activities and offline materials.

Helpful Features
  • On-demand access-24/7
  • Self paced learning
  • Certificates for course completion

Meet the Team