Jerry Spinelli


Misha has been stealing food all of his life to survive. When he was young, his gypsy family was bombed by the Nazis for practice. They all scrambled off, and Misha has been on had been on his own ever since. He stole bread everyday, and people screamed "thief" and "stop that thief" but nobody ever could catch him. He was to fast, to little, and could fit through tight spaces adults couldn't. He survived on his own very well, but now the Holocaust was coming.

Misha continued to steal food, and one day he bumped into an older man, Uri. When he met Uri, he started living with him, and his group of boys in the stable with the horses. Uri took Misha in as family. He was like a father to Misha. Misha was not very smart, for he did not go to school or have a family, so Uri called him names when he didn't listen. Misha had no idea what was going on with the Holocaust. He thought the soldiers were a parade. One day he saw people celebrating a birthday, and he thought they were setting the cake on fire, so he stole the cake. Then he started leaving loaves of bread on their doorsteps for Janina. He got to know Janina well and they became friends. The Nazis made all the Jews move to the ghetto. Misha stayed with his group who were Jews, but they later got caught and went to the ghetto. It was a lot harder to get food, so they had to go out at night and smuggle food from the Nazis. If you got caught smuggling food, you got hanged. They have been living in the ghetto for a while now and trains are coming to get them. People keep getting on the train thinking it is for resettlement, but one guy escapes and tries to tell everyone that it is not resettlement it is a concentration camp. Misha was only one of the few who believed him. Misha always wanted to be a Nazi, but now he realized he doesn't when the trains came.


1. People were forced to live in really small places with a lot of people.

2. People were so hungry that they smuggled food from the Jews.

3. If you smuggled food from the Nazis and, you got caught, you would get hanged with a sign around your neck saying "I smuggled food."

Who will enjoy this book?

You will enjoy this book if you like that are realistic fiction. If you like to learn about the Holocaust, you will enjoy this book.

Rating- 4 out of 5

This was a good book because it was a very detailed book and taught me a lot about the Holocaust.

Genre- Fiction