Digital Safety

Good Things to Know and Do!

Rule #1 - Keep What is Personal....Personal! Protect Your Privacy!

* Never share personal information in emails, social media sites, or with friends. Personal information can include your name, address, email address, phone numbers, etc.

*Do not have your personal information (including passwords) stored on your computer. If your computer is hacked, your information could be compromised.

*Text, talk, and conduct business in private. You don't know who is listening or how open and available your information is to others... even how accessible your phone or other electronic device would be to snatch!

Rule #2 - Password Protection!

*Make your passwords secure - don't use commonly known information about yourself or common passwords (i.e., "Password" or "abc123"). Microsoft recommends that a minimum of eight letters, both upper and lowercase with numbers and symbols be incorporated in your passwords. Song lines or book titles that you can remember are good to use as well (with the symbols and upper and lowercase changes in letters).

*Do not use the same password for all of your sites accounts. If your information is compromised, you may have more than one account made available to predators.

*Don't share your passwords with friends. No one is totally trustworthy and others may not be as careful in protecting your identity as you are!

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