The dust bowl

By:Andrew chambers and kaden marshall

The start of the dust bowl

In the 1930`s Americans moved out west to farm lands because of the great depression. The drought of the 1930 caused huge dust storms that destroyed farm land which caused farmers to loose money which added to the depression. (The Farm Crisis)

The financial stress of the dust bowl

Even through the 1920`s the agriculture in america was struggling economically. The banks even started foreclosing on farms.(The Farm Crisis) The boll weevil ate the farmers crops so the they could not pay their bills.(The Farm Crisis) The struggle was so real that farmers threatened to kill the bank officers and police. (The Farm Crisis)


  • The dust bowl covered a 150,000-square-mile are. (dust bowl)
  • The drought that caused the dust bowl lasted from 1934 to 1937. (dust bowl)
  • By 1940, more than 2.5 million people left the regions affected by the Dust Bowl.
  • Nearly 10 percent moved to California. (dust bowl)
  • The dust bowl unleashed plagues of jackrabbits and grasshoppers. (10 things)
  • The dust storms were packed with static electricity. (10 things)
  • The dust bowl killed hundreds of people. (10 things)
  • The dust storms are called black blizzards. (Dust Bowl)
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