How To Become President

By Devon White

Step is is to meet eligibility requirments

Being the age of 35 and an American citizen for up to 14 years are some of those requirments

Examples of people running for each party

Having the Proper Education

While most of the canidates already have masters degrees in many subjects it is always good to have experiance in politics

Becoming a Canidate for the group that you are running for

running for the group that you were running for is part of a way that people voting vote for a group of people and their group votes for the person to run for there party that means you are voting for that canidate.
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National Convention

Each party holds a national convention to select a party nominee

General Election

People in every state across the country vote for one president and vice president

Winning the electoral collage

each state gets a certain number of votes based on census, then it tells us who winns the presidential spot and is our next president starting in January.
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