GCSE PE(Edexcel) 2013-2014

Grade Predictor Spreadsheet

GCSE PE (Edexcel) Grade Predictor

Our GCSE PE Grade Predictor Spreadsheet will save you lots of time and effort and will also allow you to have an accurate overview of the progress of your GCSE learners. It will be an invaluable tool for your GCSE PE Programme. The spreadsheet allows you to monitor learner performance from the start to the end of the course. The spreadsheet converts learner scores into UMS scores for you and accurately calculates learners grades (based on performance in the 2011 exam). Staff input learner estimated practical scores throughout the course and the spreadsheet will automatically choose the learners best activities for you and will rank order them for you. The spreadsheet allows you to track both Short and Full-course learners. The spreadsheet can also be used with learners taking the top-up unit. The Spreadsheet allows you to:

  • Calculate Learner Grades
  • Display learner grades graphs
  • Set learners targets

The time-saving aspect of the spreadsheet comes from the spreadsheet being able to also complete the following forms for you automatically, for the Controlled assessment documentation for use with your moderators. The spreadsheet will complete the following documents for you:

    • PE2AS
    • PE2AP
    • PE2MS
    • Controlled Assessment Candidate Declaration form

This will save you invaluable time at a very busy time of year.

The spreadsheet is only compatible with PC’s and versions of Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher