D.A.R.E. Magazine Article

by Tayla Smith

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Problem and Solution for Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs are a problem for many people. D.A.R.E. tries to stop this at a young age, yet it is still a major problem. How do we fix this? We need solutions. Alcohol and drugs are addictive and aren’t good for you AT ALL. If you know someone who takes drugs and/or alcohol, tell them to quit. Help them find a solution. Think of pros for the cons. Below are problems and solutions. They may save someone’s life!

Cause and Effect

In life, if you do something, there’s an effect. What you did is the cause and what happened is the effect. D.A.R.E. tells kids about this. Cause and effect isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s just what happens. D.A.R.E. wants kids to have a good effect of what they do, which means they want kids ( and adults ) to stop alcohol EVEN MORE. They also teach cause and effect to you so you can be logical. Remember this though- If you do something bad you get something bad. If you do something good you get something good. Look below for examples of cause and effect.

Cause and Effect Examples:

alcohol drinkers -> dangerous things

abused at home -> bully at school

using body languge -> understandment when talking

Steps To Do If You See Someone Being Bullied

Have you ever seen bullying? If you have, you know it’s a problem. Bullying can happen for many reasons. They may want power or respect. They may get abused at home. Or they may just think they think they’re joking. And bullying can happen to anyone. Usually to kids who are smaller, have a disability , or make the bully insecure. D.A.R.E. warns kids what to do if they see bullying. Look below at the steps so you know what to do.