The CALL of the WILD

by Jack London


  • Buck
  • John Thornton
  • Hal
  • Charles
  • Mercedes


The story is set in Canada during the 1890s. The Klondike Gold Rush time period when strong sled dogs were in high demand. Buck’s devotion to Thornton is total. Buck is mixed with an attraction to the wild, and he feels as if he is being called away from civilization and into the wilderness. This feeling grows stronger when he accompanies Thornton and his friends in search for the gold mine hidden deep in the Canadian forest. Buck always returns to Thornton in the end, until, one day, he comes back to civilization to find that Indians have attacked and killed his master. Buck then attacks the Indians, killing several and scarring the rest. Buck then heads off into the wild, where he becomes the leader of a pack of wolves. Buck every year returns to the place where Thornton died, to show his sorrow to his master before returning to his life in the wild.