Sorenson's Scoop

Third Grade

Language Arts

Reading Workshop

Last week, we talked about how to ask questions before reading, during reading, and after reading. This week, we talked about how authors don't always tell us what we want to know and how to read between the lines by making inferences. We talked about how readers can make inferences by looking at the evidence/text (pictures or words) and combining it with their schema (background knowledge) to make an educated guess as to what the author is not telling us. We read multiple picture books and worked on making inferences as a group. Next week, we will be continuing to work on inferences and have students make inferences independently. Later in the week, we will start to talk about story structure.


This week, we spent time finishing up or Jitters and our Hopes, Dreams, and Goals. I read part of "Pictures from our Vacation" by Lynne Rae Perkins not only to get ideas flowing for writing, but also as a book hook. Students were scrambling to get a chance to finish reading it during our reading workshop. In writing, we started to talk about four small moment events that happened during summer and listed three important details about it. We are going to finish our four small moment events next week. We will focusing on how to write a paragraph.


This week, I gave students a word sort that they have already mastered based on their assessment. I used this sort to model expectations and procedures for our word sorts. Next week, I will be meeting with each group and giving them a word sort. I will continue to teach them procedures as we go. Students will start to take their poly folder home. You will find a white copy of their sort in their poly folder. I will also send information on activities they can do at home with their sort. Use it as a tool to help your child at home with their spelling.

Social Studies

Citizenship & Government

Students finished up their 6 traits of a good citizen. They listed ways in which they could be respectful, caring, responsible, fair, honest, and courageous in their community. As a group we talked about rights and responsibilities of a citizen at home, school, community, state, and country. We are still working on understanding the difference between what a right is, and what a responsibility is so we will continue our discussion next week. Take time this coming week to ask your child about some rights and responsibilities they have as an adult. Next week, we will be reading a story from our reading series "The Trial of Cardigan Jones," as it gives a great example of a trial with a jury, and how we can be a good citizen by listening to others but it also piggybacks with making inferences. We will also start to talk about levels of government.


Topic 1: Numeration

Topic 1, Numeration, covers place value, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, counting money, and making change. Students will be able to read and write numbers up to 100,000 in standard form, word form, and expanded form. This can be a tough skill for students to understand.

This week, we started our number of the day books which will be incorporated into our morning math time. Students will continue to touch on this skill throughout the year.

This week, students started Topic 1. We have been focusing on understanding how to write numbers in standard, word, and expanded form. I split lesson 1-3 into a few days. Next week we will continue with 1-3 which goes into reading and writing numbers in the ten thousands and hundred thousands in multiple forms.

Homework: Students who do not finish their worksheet in class will be asked to finish it at home. In student's agendas we will list the lesson. Exp. 1-2:2 pages. Students were given a math packet with our lessons for the topic. On the top of each page it tells you what lesson it is. There are two sides reteaching or practice and spiral review that should be completed for each lesson that is listed in their agenda. Please do not have your child go ahead. If this is confusing, please see me. I have asked students to put it in their take home folder so that you can check to make sure they finished each day. Please make sure your child brings it back to school each day.

Morning Math Time

This week students started to learn expectations and procedures for our morning math time. What does morning math time look like?

During this time, students will be broken up into small groups. Some students will be going to RTI math, and others will be staying in my room. Every Monday, I will be teaching students a game that focuses on a skill we are learning in math. Tuesday-Friday students will be split up into groups. There are four different rotations: Math Facts, At your seat work, Teacher Time, and Hands on.

Math Facts: Number of the day books/Xtra Math/Math Fact Fluency Games

At your Seat Work: Number of the day books/Worksheet, activity, etc. Ex. SCOOT

Teacher Time: Students will be working in small group on current skills.

Hands on: Students will play the skill based game they played on Monday.



This week students received their ipads. This week we talked about expectations with the ipads. Students were able to get setup on Xtra math. Their login information is listed on the inside of their agenda. I will only be sending ipads home if they need to finish an assignment. I know there are some of you who have expressed a concern and prefer ipads to be left at school. If you would rather not have ipads sent home at all please send me an email, and I will add your child to my list of students who will keep their ipad at school.

As we start to incorporate technology into the curriculum, I will keep you informed. There are some apps that I have used in the past that allow parents to stay informed such as xtra math, raz, spelling city, and seesaw. I will be sending more information home in students take home folders and we start to incorporate them.

Bomber Spirit Night

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 5-6:30pm

Minnesota 19

Cannon Falls, MN

All ages are welcome

Spirit night event prior to football game vs. Rochester Lourdes!

(Paid admission to the football game is required)

wristbands sold for the following events ($5 each or $15 per family max): Games for kids, Dj in the Bandshell, Football toss, Bean Bag Bonanza, Bounce House, Bomber Duck Pond, Face Tattoos, Cotton Candy, A chance to talk with sports medicine providers from Mayo Clinic Health System

Picture Day

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 8am

1020 Minnesota Street East

Cannon Falls, MN

Elementary Picture day!

Stay tuned... Envelopes will be arriving shortly.

Boosterthon FUN RUN!

Friday, Oct. 7th, 9:45-10:45am

1020 Minnesota Street East

Cannon Falls, MN

Stay tuned for more information...