ENSC Weekly Notes

September 28, 2015

Fall Break

I am fairly certain you all remember that Friday begins Fall Break for our students with a 1/2 day of professional development for you on Friday. The main reason the district moved to the extended calendar with three longer breaks is to provide a much needed break for everyone. As we know all to well, school is far more demanding today with all of the tests and more rigorous standards. Please do not assign any homework to be completed during the fall break week.

I hope all of you are able to take a few days to relax, rejuvenate, and spend time with family and friend.

October 2 In-Service Day

Friday's In-Service will begin at 8 a.m. in Cole Auditorium at East Noble High School for all certified staff. The opening session will be with the Manufacturing Education Alliance.

The Noble County Economic Development Corporation has created the Manufacturing Education Alliance. This group of area manufacturing professionals and educators (including Steve Peterson) have been working together for the purpose of developing a plan to educate our youth and community about the manufacturing profession. The group has been creating 30 minute classroom lessons used by manufacturing professionals to be presented in classrooms. In addition, they have been developing a speakers bureau, collecting sample products to show students, and planning tours and other activities to promote the manufacturing industry.

The first phase of this plan is to educate the educators about their profession so you have a better understanding of manufacturing as a career. To achieve this first goal, several individuals representing Noble County manufacturing will start our 1/2 day in-service on October 2 by giving you an overview.

When this opening session is completed, teachers who will be administering or involved with NWEA testing will be participating in NWEA testing. Please bring your laptops! Other activities are planned for non-NWEA testing staff. Building principals will be providing additional details this week.

Some staff members will be involved CPI training. The day will end at 11:30 a.m.

Knights in Training

East Noble School Corporation now has an exciting new way for you to receive professional development!

In the last several months, the tech coaches and Becca Lamon have been working to develop flipped professional development opportunities for you to participate in at your own pace and on your own time…your own personalized, individualized learning place called “Knight in Training.” Our intent is for this site to include a huge variety of modules filled with all kinds of things relevant to what you do every day and new content will be added regularly throughout the year.

The work you do in “Knight in Training” will be documented through a badge system. Many of you have heard of digital badges that you keep in a “digital backpack”…we will be documenting through physical badges on an actual backpack...kind of like Boy Scout and Girl Scout merit badges…except on paper instead of on a uniform J. For every module you complete, you will earn both PGP points and a badge for a paper backpack that you will hang outside your door to display your work (see the example below).

Here are the details:

  • You can get to the Knight in Training site by logging into Canvas at “eastnoble.instructure.com” and looking under the “Courses” link. All certified staff should already have received and accepted invitations to the course. If you find you don’t have access, please contact your building tech coach or myself and we will make sure you are enrolled.
  • ·Modules are worth between 1 and 5 PGP points, depending upon the amount of time needed to complete the module. These PGP points can be used for license renewal, etc. You can see the modules that are currently available along with their point value on the course directory page at https://eastnoble.instructure.com/courses/5193/pages/course-directory
  • Tech coaches will grade modules and award badges for completed modules on a monthly basis that you can place on your backpack. At the end of the school year, you can use the physical backpack as actual evidence of the PGPs you earned during the year.
  • To earn your paper backpack, you must complete or have already completed the “Knight in Training Basics” course. Completion of that course gives you your backpack and your first badge.
  • Individuals that completed the initial Knight In Training course at the end of last year will automatically receive their backpack and can begin collecting other badges right away!
  • For every module you complete between now and May 27, 2016, your name will be entered into a drawing at the end of the year for a cool “tech gadget” such as an Amazon Echo, a FitBit, a tablet or eReader, and other prizes!
  • Individuals who earn at least 15 PGPs by the end of the year will earn a custom ENSC shirt…an example of this will be shared in the near future.
  • To pass a course, you must score 100% on tests and quizzes, but you may test as many times as it takes to achieve that 100%. You will also be asked to submit evidence of mastery of some tasks by submitting pictures, etc., to document your understanding.
  • Individuals interested in creating modules for the Knight in Training site can earn 3 PGP points for every 1 hour module they create. Work with your building tech coach to learn more details about this process.

Tech coaches will be sharing more specific details with their buildings in the near future--if they haven’t already. They will also be handing out backpacks and badges for those individuals who completed the initial course last May.

If you have any questions, feel free to email your building tech coach or myself and we’ll be glad to help. Happy badging!

October 30 EdCamp

Keep thinking about topics you are interested in facilitating for our October 30 EdCamp professional development day. Food Trucks are scheduled for lunch and this time we will schedule lunch a little differently so we don't have long lines! Hopefully, the weather is nicer this year!

Unsong Hero of the Week

Congratulations to Lindsay Deming, East Noble's Unsung Hero of the Week! Lindsay is in her fourth year as secretary/treasurer for Wayne Center Elementary. Lindsay does an outstanding job of keeping the school office running smoothly. The office is a very busy place, and Lindsay is a master at juggling multiple tasks at once. In addition to the traditional responsibilities as a school secretary/treasurer, Mrs. Deming shows great support for our students. She consoles students when they are sick, injured, or upset and serves as a great mentor for them. Lindsay also helps support students as they work on academic and daily living skills each day. Parents and staff members seek assistance from Lindsay for a variety of reasons, and she is always willing to help them in any way that she can. Wayne Center is very fortunate to have Lindsay as our secretary/treasurer and we appreciate all that she does for our school!

The Cookies Go To.......

Avilla Elementary receives the cookies this week! Thank you for all you do for for the students, staff, and families of our district.

Avilla Elementary - 98.6 percent

Rome City Elementary - 98 percent

Wayne Center Elementary - 97.5 percent

South Side Elementary - 96.7 percent

North Side Elementary - 96.6 percent

East Noble Middle School - 96 percent

East Noble High School - 95.6 percent

Curriculum and Building Notes


Awesome Resources

We have so many resources available to us that sometimes it is hard to remember all of them. This week I am highlighting some of my favorites.

TV411 - http://www.tv411.org/

TV411 will help you read for success, fine-tune your writing, expand your vocabulary, get a grip on math, and explore science. TV411 is a collection of entertaining videos and engaging web activities, all designed to help you reach your learning goals.

Want to spice up a lesson on summarizing, using a glossary, highlighting, etc? In the description it mentions entertaining videos and they are very entertaining. They are short snip-its with real people explaining some not so entertaining topics. Watch a carpenter find area using tiles or a police officer explain how to summarize. Need to bring a bit or real life application to your content? Watch a homeowner read the graphs on his utility bill and find a mistake.

NEWSELA - https://newsela.com/about/

NEWSELA is an innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news. It's easy and amazing. NEWSELA makes it easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at different Lexile levels that is just right for each student.

Find up-to-date world news to add more non-fiction to your class.

Wayne Center Elementary

Fifth grade has started their U.S. Regions project. Miss Northrup and Miss Thomas have created an independent activities grid that allows students to have the freedom to choose how they are learning. All of the students have jumped right in and are excited about learning! So far, students have created board games, crossword puzzles, and commercials. We are looking forward to seeing all of the finished products students create. Some of the projects for each region are also geared towards learning all 50 states and capitals. Before we know it, the kids will be U.S. geography experts!

This week students at Wayne Center celebrated College Go Week! Mrs. Steury incorporated classroom colleges into her guidance lessons. Grades 4-6 worked on a scavenger hunt to find out more information about their classroom college. On Thursday, teachers and students were encouraged to wear college apparel to promote different colleges and universities. All teachers also incorporated college information into their lesson plans, so their students could learn more about it.

Alternative Learning Center

It was a great week celebrating College Go Week and focusing our discussions with students on secondary education. Students need to know all their after high school options and how different they can look. Students learned about Indiana colleges, and some geography, during our daily trivia for prizes.

Kim and Emily from Ivy Tech Admissions and the ASAP program, came to speak with students on Friday. Students were encouraged to ask questions and learn more options they might not have known were available. The students were interested in the presentation and several filled out cards requesting more information. After the presentation two students went to the website and started their online applications for enrollment. Setting future goals encourages more success on the current goal of graduation.

The coming week is a four day week and Fall Break starts Friday, October 2nd, for students. Students return to classes on Monday, October 12th!

East Noble High School

What a great week at ENHS as we celebrated College Go Week! Monday night we hosted a college admissions panel for 11th and 12th grade families. The college admission panel gave students the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the college application process. Throughout the week students participated in dress up days (Mr. Munoz’s class winners), trivia about college graduates and college pennant decorating (Mrs. Disque’s class winners). In addition, 10th and 11th grader students are also getting prepped for the upcoming October 14th PSAT while, the 12th grade students complete over one hundred college applications this week alone.

We are gearing up for week three of Knight Mentors. Our Knight Mentors are selected from a fantastic pool of junior and senior applicants. They cover a range of topics with freshman students each week and focus primarily on the transition to high school. Our groups are getting to know each other and are really starting to have some fun!

Finally, our Student Council hosted a blood drive on Thursday for the Red Cross. Over 120 students and staff chose to give and donated 99 pints of blood!

East Noble Middle School

It was College Go Week at the middle school providing our students the chance to learn about the importance of a higher education. High school is right around the corner for our students and once they get there, they will need to get everything in order to attend a college. Through Indiana Learn More and Indiana Career Explorer, our students are following the steps to know more about the colleges in Indiana and the possible careers that they lead to. Students were also asked to dress for themed days.

Other happenings include 7th grade language arts students reading The Hunger Games or picking their own book to read during book club. 7th grade math classes are busy working with rational numbers and applying them to real life applications. The pre-algebra classes are busy solving equations. They will soon be creating videos showing how to solve equations. 7th grade social studies students are starting to look at and explore human geography of the world. This week, students looked at the world population clock and worked on an activity that looks at different aspects of a constantly growing population and the continuous effects it has on the world, as well as the long term effects the world faces. Students will soon look at different aspects of economics and how this affects the people of today’s society in developed and developing countries. Finally in 7th grade science, classes are wrapping up the unit on earth structure and the forces that shape the planet. Topics include earthquakes and volcanoes as well as the theory of plate tectonics. After this, the classes will continue the study of the earth by taking a closer look at the geology of rocks.

Reminder: The end of the first 9 weeks grading period is on Thursday, October 2. Fall Break is Friday, October 3rd - October 11th. Report cards will go home with students the week of October 12.

Avilla Elementary

Grandparent’s Day took place this past Friday at OUR school! OUR families supported this annual event in droves once again this year. Grandparents were able to spend time in classrooms seeing what school looks like in today’s world. The smiles on ALL the faces during the day were priceless! Thank you to ALL OF OUR FAMILIES, STUDENTS, AND STAFF for making Grandparent’s Day a success for over 500 visitors!

Mrs. Carroll’s class used this day for a big surprise! Lucas' grandma could not attend Grandparent's Day here at Avilla because she lives in Brazil, South America. I wanted to surprise him with a visit from his grandma across the seas! We facetimed his grandma and she was able to be a part of our festivities from across the world! What an eye opening experience for all students to see! She is also keeping up with his daily activities at school through the app Seesaw. She comments daily on work that Lucas uploads to Seesaw! Even though she is physically far way, she is just a click away! Technology is amazing!!! No, Mrs. Carroll is amazing!!!

OUR PTO is looking for volunteers to help take money for parking on Saturday, October 3rd at the Apple Festival. OUR PTO gets paid to do this and the money goes back to OUR students. The shifts are only two hours long and the time flies by. Please contact the school at 897-2301 if you can help out in any way! Thanks in advance for supporting OUR school.

North Side Elementary

Bully awareness, third grade swim, and Collge Go Week topped the headlines at North Side this week. On Tuesday the whole school gathered to hear an important message from Ronald McDonald. Students left with tools to help in various situations and stand up for kids who might be getting bullied. Each day this week third graders traveled to the YMCA for swim and water safety lessons. Throughout the week students learned about possible college experiences and careers made possible by pursuing a college degree. It was certainly a full week!

Rome City Elementary

Rome City fourth graders have been very busy this week! In Indiana history, they are learning about the Indians of Indiana and reading the book, Sign of the Beaver. These pictures show them exploring Indian artifacts such as boys and girls clothing, beaver pelts, and power horns. The 4th graders are also doing animal adaptation experiments. They are using the scientific method to answer the questions: how do polar bears stay warm in cold climates and how does oiling feathers help the duck survive?

The 6th grade class from Rome City Elementary attended BizTown on Friday. Students worked in their assigned businesses based on job interviews that were conducted earlier in the month. Students worked in roles such as CEO, CFO, business manager, and many more. Students were given 2 paychecks, and worked to balance a checkbook, pay taxes, and make small purchases. A fantastic number of parent and grandparent chaperones volunteered their time, and we give a huge "thank you" to them!

Mrs. Rafferty had a wonderful experience attending the religious EID celebration at the Mosque with Mrs. Ali and the children. Not only was she able to meet the parents of most of her students and learn more about this religious holiday, but she was also able to experience the bond this community has for one another and for others.

South Side Elementary

South Side had a busy week and we have enjoyed hosting many guests in our building! Last Friday, we welcomed our Kindergarten Grandparents for donuts and crafts. We had such a great turnout for this first ever Grandparent’s Day celebration at South Side! On Monday, Miss Stephanie from the American Red Cross came to talk with our students about being a pint-sized hero for our blood drive, which is scheduled for the evening of October 14th. Students can recruit an adult to donate blood on their behalf and save three lives with each pint of blood! On Wednesday, Ronald McDonald paid us a visit to teach students about battling bullying by standing up for each other, being kind, and reporting instances of bullying to adults. Lastly, the Mad Ants visited on Thursday to kick off their annual “Get Fit Challenge”! The Mad Ant himself challenged students in some basketball and hoola-hoop games, and our own Mr. Robertson to a free-throw contest! Thank you to all of our community members who continue to model for our students that learning happens in all areas and ages of life, and is not limited to the walls of our school!

We’d also like to remind our parents and students that our fundraiser ends this Wednesday, September 30th! This is when all orders and money is due!