Adolf Hitler

by:Maddie Clark

Child hood

Adolf Hitler was born in April 20,1889. he Was one of the two children that lived out of of five miss careiges. His mother did not want to risk losing another child, so she would feed him many times a day to keep him healthy. Hitler's father was not around very much when he was little, but as he got older his father spent more time at home. The father abused the mother and later on Hitler to. He had a talent for drawling and he liked to study politics. Hitler's dreams of drawling fell flat when judges gave him an unsatisfactory rating on his drawling. Hitler also was Jewish.

Rise to Power

Hitler was powerful in politics and ran for president. He was elected as a chancellor. He gained control over the legislative and executive branches. He used his power to form a dictatorship. On July 14, 1933 Hitler's Nazi party became the only legal political party in Germany.


The Holocaust was one of the single-most terrible event in history. Hitler started the Holocaust because him and any of his followers belived that the Jews were the reason for all there misfortune and many Germans belived Hitler's words because the people with money and houses were the Jews and the others lived on the streets and had to scrounge for food. Very few German's approved of the holocaust as most did not know German people just wanted the Jews out of there country. Many escaped the camps but some didn't. Hitler and his followers did very terrible things to the people in the camps. Hitler killed over six million people in Nazi concentration camps.

Effects of the Holocaust

In result of the Holocaust was given the title o the most un-human like person because of how many people he killed in Nazi concentration camps. He had a negative effect on society, and on the world. The Holocaust changed Hitler's life because of how people now saw him as a Domestic killer in stead of a human being. Hitler is a cold heated and ignorant man. Hitler took many risks with the Holocaust he was judged and miss read.

My Reasons

I chose Adolf Hitler because I was interested in learning more about how the holocaust came about how it effected man kind. What makes this person interesting is that he caused one of the most terrible events in history. I learned that Hitler was abused as a child and how the Holocaust was started.