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News & Notes

- After looking at our schedules, we determined that it was not in our best interests to move the high school remediation time to first period. There are some conflicts that we cannot resolve. We are still looking at making that adjustment when we come back in January for second semester.

- Congratulations to Yvette Crick and Anna Spence on being awarded Bulloch School Foundation Grants. There were 13 grants chosen from 28 submissions. We look forward to these grants benefiting our students.

- We will have a faculty meeting at 3:10 on Wednesday, Oct. 26. We will meet until 3:45. Plan to schedule practices to begin after 3:45. All faculty are expected to be in attendance unless there is some emergency.

- I reviewed lesson plans in Drive this week. There are some plans that have not been uploaded on a consistent basis. For accountability purposes, all teaching staff are to have lesson plans that account for the instruction in your classroom. Plans are to be uploaded weekly. Please take the break and review your Drive folder and upload your plans as necessary. I will check them again after the break and remind teachers individually if lesson plans are still lacking.

- Since the Monday we get back is our homecoming game, I'll allow wearing jeans and your homecoming t-shirt. We'll have a Monday "Blue Out!" We'll be back to normal attire on Tuesday.

- All PLCs will meet as scheduled the week we get back. Middle school PLCs will be doing their tuning protocols.


Wednesday October 19

- Football vs McIntosh 6:30 (home)

Friday October 21

- One Act Play competes

Monday October 24

- Football vs Calvary 6:30 (home) - homecoming activities

Maintenance over fall break

- The gym floor will be stripped and waxed next week.

- Ms. J. will be scrubbing and waxing hall floors next week. Please watch for signs and be mindful if you are in the building.

Quest Apparel Store

You can order Panther apparel through the Quest fundraising store until Oct. 18. Click the link below if you are interested.

Friday Funny Paper

Happy Fair Week!
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