6th Grade Technology

By: Cameron Smits

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Typing Web

  • You get to learn how to use the keyboard.
  • It has cool games.
  • You can earn stars.
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  • You can make your own trailer.
  • You put in all your own stuff and make it good.
  • I like it because I like making my own movie trailers.
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Haiku Deck

  • I created a slideshow on the dream job
  • I did it to educate others what I wanted to do
  • It was about ten slides long.

Explain Everything

  • We got to be a teacher on it.
  • You can make slides and have text and colors and recordings.
  • I made slides that teaches people how to solve a math problem.
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Career locker

  • We learned about collage
  • I got to play games
  • I now know what i'm going to do in the future
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  • We went on a website and did coding
  • I made sets of code
  • We got to play the coding games