The Mysterious Life Of Walter Mitty

Lauren Knab


The text structure the Author uses defines the character of Walter Mitty as somebody who allows themselves to be pushed around.

Claim 1

Firstly, the Parking lot attendent treats him like dirt. The attendent acts like he is very stupid, and is not capable of most things. Walter Mitty does not stand up for himself, because he is very timid.
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Claim 2

Secondly, The District Attorney states things to him slowly, and in an indirect way. The attorney thinks Mitty is stupid and is like a child. Walter's Attorney is the only one who defends him, since Mitty is the victim in this daydream.
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Claim 3

Lastly, Mitty's wife yells at him, and tells him that he never does anything right. She yelled at him just because he forgot his gloves. Walter Mitty does not talk back to his wife, because he is afraid, and lacks self-confidence.
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Walter Mitty is someone who allows themselves to be pushed around.
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