Eastside Elementary

April 29, 2019


Eastside is an "A" School!

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Now that school is ALMOST out and summer is NEARLY here, parents are the best front line for making sure that their children continue to keep their minds and bodies active during summertime. Why does summertime learning matter so much? Because when students lack access to high-quality summer learning and enrichment opportunities, they risk falling prey to "summer learning loss" -- a loss in academic skills and knowledge during summer vacation.

Because summer learning loss is cumulative over time, it leads to increased dropout rates among those students who have fallen behind.

Missing out on summer learning is as harmful to children's physical health as it is to their academic health, because students who lack access to summer learning opportunities are less likely to be physically active and more likely to spend their days watching TV and eating junk food -- and sedentary behaviors are contributing to America's exploding childhood obesity epidemic.

With only 90 days of summer, every day a student is not participating in summer learning is a loss by every measure. Fortunately, there are numerous easy, effective and affordable ways that parents can help keep their children learning -- and moving -- all summer long, in ways that are as fun as they are educational. Better yet, all the resources they need to engage their children in summertime learning that can keep them academically and physically healthy are either at home or close to home.

To find ways to encourage summer learning-click the link below and continue to read our Parent Newsletters each week through the month of May!

Reminders for Parents-

When dropping off students after the 8:00 bell to start the school day, please walk your student in and sign them in for the day. It is important for safety that they are escorted in after this time.

There are many, many exciting things coming up-Please be sure to look closely at your child's teacher newsletter, our Facebook page, and these parent newsletters for important events and dates!

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Parent Resource Center!

Our Parent Resource Center is up and running. There are math and literacy materials your student can bring home to help close any gaps in learning and reinforce skills and concepts learned in the classroom. Just ask your classroom teacher for a prescription for learning and the perfect resource will be headed home with your student!

Podcast for the Week-"Wow in the World"

Below you will find a link to an NPR podcast aimed for students!

Listen with your children for science, health, interesting topics, and silliness with Guy Raz and Mindy!

Menus and Lunch Times

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Upcoming Dates-

April 22 - 24 ACT Aspire Summative Testing 3-4

April 22 - Progress Reports sent home

April 29-May 1 - 5th Grade ACT Aspire Summative

April 30 - Choir Concert 6pm

May 3 - Spirit Day/Volunteer Celebration 8:30