Do You Want To Run For President?

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In the Beginning

In order to run for Presidency, you but be 35 years of age, born in the United States, and you must have lived in the United States for 14 years. Next, the primary vote will narrow down the candidates for the political parties.

Before the National Convention, the caucuses are held. At this event, many people gather to discuss and debate the current political candidates. Speakers try to persuade each individual to vote for their candidate. Once the debating is finished, each person is taken to a room specified to their precinct where they publicly vote who they would like as a candidate.

Tip: Campaign in many states, don't just focus on the larger states.

What Is The National Convention?

Every four years the National Convention takes place during the summer before the general elections. Each party sends delegates from all 50 states to represent the voters of their state. When the delegates go, they vote for the Presidential Candidate and Vice Presidential Candidate that was popular for their party in their state. While the delegates are there, they write the platform, or what the party stands for and what they would like the government to do in the next four years.

The General Election

On the first Tuesday in November, voting across the United States occurs. Each American citizen has already been assigned to a precinct depending on where they live. When the individual goes to vote, they go to the voting location where their precinct has been placed. The voting is private, and your vote is secret. You may vote for county candidates, state candidates, and presidential candidates. Your vote counts.

Tip: Before going into elections, make sure you have the basic idea of each candidate. Make a smart choice because these decisions can only be made every four years.

How Does The Electoral College Work?

Rather than doing a direct vote, the United States does an indirect vote. Each individual's votes are tallied in their states. Whichever Candidate in each state wins majority gets the electoral votes for the given state. A tip for getting votes is to campaign in Iowa. Being the first state to vote, Iowa is the state to persuade to be on your side. When Iowa's results are publicized, it can influence other states to vote that way with ideas like 'Oh that president must be good, so I will vote for him/her.'

Tip: Always vote. You may not think your vote does anything, but your one vote can tip the electoral vote one way or the other.