CSH Library Update

For all my wonderful volunteers

Update Needed

I figured it was time for me to send a new update out. I'm officially done with the Tayshas list. We voted in Austin on Saturday and the new list will be revealed December 1st.

No Volunteers Needed During Exams - Wednesday 12/16 - Friday 12/18

Days I'm Scheduled to be Out. When I'm out, you don't need to come in for your volunteer shift.

  • Tuesday, 12/8 afternoon only
  • Monday 1/11 afternoon only
  • Tuesday 1/19 - Thursday 1/21
  • Tuesday 1/26 afternoon only
  • Friday 1/29

Times I really need coverage, so if this is your volunteer time, please be here!

  • Wednesday 11/18, 12/9, 1/13 Lunch so I can attend the student book club.
  • Thursday 11/19 Lunch
  • Thursday 12/10 2:00 - 3:15 so I can attend Department Chair Meeting
  • Tuesday 12/15 Lunch
  • Friday 1/22 (since I'm out the three days prior and there is an SAT on Saturday 1/23)

Our Current Schedule (I think!)

Several new volunteers have started and several have moved around, so I'm pretty confused about who's coming when. Here is what I have right now:

Monday morning - Shari/Amy share

Monday mid-day - Monika/Iris share

Monday afternoon - Charlotte

Tuesday morning/midday - Tasha (but I know she needs to switch)

Tuesday afternoon - Juliana

Wednesday morning - Harriet

Wednesday midday - Gail

Wednesday afternoon - Trish/Stacy share (is this right?)

Thursday morning - Karen/Anila share (or did Karen move to Tuesday mornings?)

Thursday midday - Kristi/Helen share

Thursday afternoon - Lily

Friday morning - Leslie/Linda share

So, do I have it right? If not, please email me and let me know what I have wrong. Thanks!