Grade 6 Extended


Virtue of the Week

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IPC- Roaming Rovers Revealed!

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Discovery Pro

"We were able to use our creativity and working on problems with friends was fun."

Emma P

Hours of painstaking work and our engineers have finally cracked it!

What a busy week it has been! The children have been working flat out on their space rovers adding their final finishing touches. In their final designs, the children considered how the rover would be powered, which functions it would perform (geothermal imaging, cameras, temperature probes etc.) as well as the general aesthetics.

I think you will all agree, that they did a fabulous job.

Galileo Galilei

As well as completing our space rovers, we went on to explore historical aspects relating to space discovery. Children looked at the life and works of Galileo Galilei and uncovered the hidden truths behind the 'Race to Space'.

Yet more gems from last week IPC home learning task

Maths Matters!

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The Grade 6 students had a whale of a time playing the timestable game together. Mathematics lessons were made a little more interesting when the two classes, 6 NCo and 6 THa had a timestable challenge last Friday. Both classes usually have this challenge on Friday for about 10 to 15 minutes before they proceed with their normal lessons.

Both classes, with 20 children each in a class, clocked a fantastic 52 seconds for this challenge. Each child will have to answer a times table questions given to them. We are sure the children will take less than 52 seconds in a few weeks’ time!

This week saw the Grade 6 Extended children conduct their first UES Mathematical Examination in the High School Hall. This was a great opportunity to show all our amazing Mathematical learning this term. Furthermore, it provided key data which will be used to set targets for the children in the new year.

Language Arts

This week we began to edit our writing in preparation for publishing. Our confidence to identify gaps in our writing and to up-level has grown greatly. Through peer assessment, we gathered ideas to enrich our vocabulary and sentences. Once this key learning moment was met, all the groups met to decide key features of the team's Space book (e.g. font size and style). Roles were divided up and each member began the publishing process. Our books covers and pages are ready. From the moment we saw these wonderful piece of Art work, our imaginations grew with exciting ideas to grab our readers attention. Everyone is working in unity to meet our book publishing target. Next Wednesday, the Grade 3 children have been invited into our classes and we know as Space Ambassadors we need to be inspirational.

Next Week - Our book our launched...catch the first reviews only here on the Grade 6 Extended News letter!

SJI Calendars

SJI Calendars

Are you looking for a unique gift or stocking filler for friends and family? You have found it with our beautiful desk calendar showcasing our SJII artists! Each month contains a different collaborative artwork completed by our ES students from Prep 1 to Grade 6A. Pick yours up today at the ES Office!

Cost: $10per calendar or 3 for $25.

(All proceeds go to the ESPG for school events)

Thanks for supporting our SJI artists, and don’t forget to visit Meerkat Place for even more great ways to show your support!

Mrs. Patrice Valere – Elementary School Art Teacher

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Home learning tasks this week

Writer Notebooks- Children have been given a visual stimulus to base their ideas on. They will need to note ideas based on the name, composition, location, inhabitants (if any) and any other features they can think of to describe this newly discovered planet.

Home Learning

Review A, Review B and Revision A in the children’s coursebook.

IPC- Final week

Create a Space Exploration Timeline

Success Criteria

15 events.


Include dates and people/space crafts involved.

10 pictures/photographs.

Identify your top three moments and explain in 2-3 sentences why you believe they are the most important.


Dates for Your Diary

Space Explorers Exit Point - Thursday, December 11th, 9.30 am

Singapore Record Breakers - Ceildh (Scotish Dance) - Thursday, December 11th, 2pm

Leaver's assembly - Friday, December 12th, 9 am

End of Term - Friday December 12th, 12.20 pm

Telunas Expedition 2015 - February 9 - 13th