Pulley is an perfect example of a simple machine. Pulleys use a wheel and rope or line to lift a load. An example of a pulley is a block and tackle. An inclined plane is a flat object put on a angle ( one hight greater than the other) and it is used to wheel or push objects up. A wheel chair ramp is a classic example of a inclined plane. A wedge is a mini inclined plane used for seperati


An inclined plane is an object put on an angle ( one higher than the other) an it used to wheel or push an object up. A classic example is a wheelchair ramp.


A wedge is an object used to separate, hold in place, or lift another object. An example is a axe.

Wheel and axel

a wheel and axel has a wheel and an axe that turn on a angle. An example is a steering wheel for a car.


A lever is a beam on a fulcrum and it is used to lift objects. An example is a teeter toter.


a screw s a small simple machine used to fasten objects. An example is a screw