Clever Jack takes the Cake

By: Candace Fleming

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The Themes of Clever Jack Takes the Cake are adventure and cleverness

it is adventure because he has an adventure to get to the princesses castle on pages 20-39

On pages 20-22 he gets attacked by crowsand runs in to stuff on his journey. It is cleverness be cause on page10 he thinks of making a cake since they have no money. On page16 he found the perfect strawberry page15 he made candles and on pages 12,13 he gives something to the animals so he can get materials.

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how does cleverness and adventure apply in the real world...

A clever animal is a wolf because it has to know how to hunt its prey. Then teech the younger ones what to do. Then the younger ones know then teech their kid how to hunt. Then it keeps going over and over. They also go on adventures to find prey and new homes. Another clever animal is a dog because they have to learn to be trained and have to know them.