April HOS Updates

Head of School Notes

State Testing

Whew - it's been a busy few weeks, hasn't it? Thank you to everyone for your part in making spring testing a success! While we are still testing students and wrapping up testing, the largest testing weeks are now behind us. Thank you for your time and assistance in making this a positive experience for our students and families!

State Audit Findings - 45 Day Screenings

AZVA and ISAZ recently went through the state audit process of our financials, processes, and operations. This audit spanned multiple days at our Phoenix Office, and then several weeks following that time as the auditors sought additional information.

Both schools continued to perform well, but there was a finding with regards to 45 Day Screenings, so I want to make you aware of this.

It is required, by law, that schools complete a 45 Day Screening to all (non-special education) students within 45 days of school start date in order to identify any potential areas that might lead the school to provide additional assistance to the family. This is a high-stakes area for schools and is heavily audited with repercussions when this area is not compliant.

During our Fiscal Year 2015 audit, forty student files were pulled by our auditors, and it was identified that one 45DS was not completed within 45 days. This caused us to have a finding on our audit and the Charter Board and State have been made aware.

I know you all work diligently to onboard students and complete 45DS, as needed, but I wanted to share this information with you to help bring the context of why we do this, and why the timeline is of such great importance, to life. My hope for our Fiscal Year 2016 audit will be zero findings in this area!

Summer Vacation

Dear Teachers,

As we shared with you earlier this year, AZVA, ISAZ, and K12 Inc. under the umbrella of Teach360@K12 (formerly iTeach@ K12) initiatives, has added additional summer vacation days to the teacher calendar. Teachers will receive an additional 4 weeks of paid vacation during the months of June and July. The specific dates for 2016 summer vacation will be Monday, May 30th and will conclude Friday, July 22nd.

We hope you enjoy the additional vacation time. You are valued members of the K12 and the AZVA/ISAZ teams.

Re-Registration for AZVA and ISAZ

Re-registration for the 2016–2017 school year has officially opened. Re-registration is when ALL families must indicate their plans for the 2016–17 school year. Our focus is to help families make informed decisions for next school year. We will be hosting SY16-17 Informational Sessions in Blackboard Collaborate/Class Connect in the upcoming weeks. These sessions will appear as Important Information Regarding School Year 2016-17 on student and learning coach schedules. These sessions will be held for K-5; 6-8 and HS families. Our Family Engagement Coordinator (FAST) will be coordinating these sessions. During these sessions, our team will provide families with details regarding what to expect next school year, including enhancements being made that will help students excel academically.

Late last month, our families received an email about these Important Information Regarding School Year 2016-17 sessions. Again, our focus is to help families make the best decision for their student during re-registration.

After these sessions conclude, a communication will be sent to parents asking them to log into the Online school to make their election for next school year. Families can pick one of the following options in the Online School:

• Re-registering

• Not re-registering

• Undecided

I will then ask that you reach out to your families based upon their response or lack of re-registration response in Total View. Please leverage the fantastic new Re-Reg KMail templates – these templates populate a personalized message based upon a family’s re-registration response in Total View:

• Re-Reg: Status Unknown/ Lack of Response in TV

• Re-Reg: YES Response in TV

• Re-Reg: NOT RE-REGISTERING Response in TV

• Re-Reg: UNDECIDED Response in TV

Re-Reg Kmail templates should be sent to students to automatically personalize message content (populates names of Student, LC and school). You can modify content of KMail as needed.

Please leverage the new Re-Reg Note Template to capture other re-registration related outreach, including phone or in person contact.

In the weeks that follow, we will ask that you follow up by phone with your families as needed.

Additional Re-registration Resources:

Please visit http://www.k12.com/reregistration to learn more about re-registration :

• Benefits of re-registration

• A video that walks learning coaches through the process

• A step-by-step flyer

In addition, please be looking for a re-registration training assignment on k12training.com.

Thank you for all you do each day to support our families. I am excited about this year’s approach to re-registration and appreciate all you will do to help each family make an informed decision.

Resource Highlight: Gym Reimbursement

K 12 Gym Membership Partnership Opportunities

Contact Gym@k12.com for more information and how to participate.

K12 will pay up to $40.00 per month if you use the gym a minimum of 5 different days per month. Reimbursements are paid monthly (typically towards the end of the month) and are directly added to your paycheck. (This is a taxable fringe benefit to employees and applicable taxes owed are reflected on your paycheck.) Be mindful that we do only pay for the employee’s membership; we do not pay for daycare, towels, classes, family members, etc. Only full time employees are eligible for this reimbursement. We will not reimburse contractors, part time, or temporary employees.

Gym’s eligible for reimbursement:

  • Lifetime Fitness (Nationwide Option)
  • LA Fitness (Nationwide Option)
  • Anytime Fitness (Nationwide Option)

Additional information can be found on the K12 Sharepoint Site

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We are thrilled to announce the first annual AZVA/ISAZ Teacher of the Year Awards. To nominate an individual for this award and view eligibility criteria, please click the link below. All nominations must be received by May 1, 2016.

Project Elevate

Do you know of a student who has benefited from enrolling in an online school (or attending one of our blended learning sites)? Is one of your students competing in a state or national competition? Winning any awards (large or small)? Or even doing something that the community might not view as 'ordinary' when they think of the words "online school" (attending prom, etc.)? If so, please share this information using the links below. We are looking for leads big and small for potential stories we can share with our communities.

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