Child Obesity

By: Arielle

It Says- Quote

"For the first time the country's younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents because of obesity"

I Say

This quote is important because I think that, as more years pass by things change. Children can live shorter lives than their parents. This is all because we make food that is addictive, that we easily crave, like taking a drug. We crave for food that taste good yet unhealthy. That's why children get obesity, because there are types of food that consists of sugar or salt which acts like a drug to us. I feel like this quote is scary usually our parents die before their own children also . When I read this quote my reaction was that I was really shocked because it shows that we don't really take good care of ourselves when it comes to food.

And So...

What we can do for the children so it keeps them from getting obesity, is that the parents can limit their access to unhealthy food, such as burgers, fries, chips, etc. Limit how much their child eats, and make sure the children eats healthy food everyday. They can also exercise to lose weight, such as running, jumping jacks, etc.