Belgrade High Day of Caring

May 19 2016

What is Day of Caring?

Day of Caring is a school wide service day. National Honor society breaks all students and teachers into about 50 projects all over the area. With around 900 students and faculty, BHS accomplishes 1,800 hours of community service in the around two hours we are in the community.

The community benefits in numerous ways from this day, as well as the students. Students build character and a volunteering resume.

How it Works

Day of Caring is based on three main concepts: Motivate, Work, and Celebrate. Each year, we have an assembly and speakers to motivate the student body to make a difference. After, we work for two or so hours. Then, we celebrate with food and yearbook signing.

What Makes This Year Special?

This year Belgrade High National Honor Society welcomes Colonel Greg Gadson as our motivational speaker! We also are inviting many schools from our district to attend his speech, as well as student representatives from schools around the state. Click the link below to find out more about our guest speaker.
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