4th Grade Newsletter

March 9th - 20th

Integrated Core

We have been discussing energy in science. Students completed experiments to help them understand how to find speed (speed = distance/time.) We discussed the difference between kinetic and potential energy as well as other vocabulary terms such as inertia, motion, momentum, gravity, etc. The kids were so excited to complete their roller coasters and they did such a great job! They worked well in groups and even created commercials to advertise their roller coaster. They had to convince the audience by giving 3 reasons why their roller coaster was the best! We will continue our energy unit this week by covering information about sound, light, and electric currents and will complete this science unit when we return from spring break.
For our ELA skill work, last week we worked on reading comprehension. This week we will review various skills such as theme, summarizing, main idea, and author's purpose to help us prepare for state assessments.


This week, we will be covering metric units of capacity, mass, and time. Students will be asked to convert from one unit to another. We will also be reviewing input/output tables and money. We will have our Topic 14 measurement test the week we return from spring break.


Students will be writing a paragraph this week about their dream job. They will need to explain to the reader what makes this dream job so great, how they became interested in this job, and what would help prepare them for this job. We can't wait to see what the kids aspire to be!

Important Dates

March 13th: No School

March 16th - 20th: Spring Break

March 24th & 25th: State Assessments 9:00 - 10:30