All about Winds!

By: Amy Kore

What causes wind?

Wind is everywhere you don't see it but you feel it. Wind is the movement of air it goes in different directions and its caused by differences in air pressure. What causes wind is the uneven heating of the surface of the sun.

Local Winds

Local Winds are winds that move short distances. They are created by the geographic features that produce the temperature differences on earth. Sea breezes blow by the ocean then towards the land. This happens in between the spring and summer months of the year. Land breezes blow by the land and then the ocean, now this normally happens in the fall or the winter.


About more winds

Global Winds

Global Winds are the combination of pressure belts and the Coriolis Effect. Those include the polar easterlies, prevailing westerlies, and trade winds. The horse latitudes are latitudes what people used to do on that is they would throw their horses and that is why it was called the horse latitudes. Where it is located is 30 degrees north south of the equator. The winds there are very weak and most deserts are located there because of the dry air. Trade winds are winds that are 30 degrees almost to the equator, also used by early sailors too. Prevailing Westerlies are winds belts that are found between 30 degree and 60 degree latitude. Also the prevailing westerlies flow towards the pole from east to west caring the moist air from the united states. Now, about the jet streams, they are narrow belts of high speed wind. They blow in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. Also the jet streams separate from warm air from cold air.

Jet Streams, Prevailing Westerlies