Tiger Tales

Newsletter #36 - May 22, 2023

Hello Medina Families & Community,

What a treat it was to watch the PTSA Talent Show on Friday - our students played their instruments with poise, danced with rhythm, and displayed their skills with such confidence! Thank you parent volunteers for organizing this fun event! On Saturday, we got to cheer our Girls on the Run (and their running buddies!) as they completed the 5K this weekend. Thank you to our parents and staff for encouraging and preparing them for this moment!

These are just a few examples of how multi-faceted our students are. They are perfect in their own way, and our job is to help them figure out who they are and help them realize their potential. Truly, teaching the whole child means going beyond the classroom and using authentic connections to help them thrive. Thank you for trusting and partnering with us on this important work. Here's to another week of possibilities!


Kati & Betty

Upcoming Dates

May 29: Memorial Day, No School

June 7: 5th Grade Graduation Party, after school

June 19: Juneteenth, No School

June 22: 5th Grade Promotion, 8:30-9:30am, Gym

June 22: Last Day of School, 8:05-10:05am

May Safety Drill

This week, we will be conducting a fire drill and practicing evacuating the building and accounting for everyone.

During a fire evacuation, students are taught to quickly and quietly exit the building. They meet on the field at an assigned location and stay silent while attendance is taken to ensure all people have safely evacuated.

Please talk with your student about preparing for emergencies and disasters such as fires. Encourage them to talk about their concerns and express their feelings. Emphasize that even though sometimes things happen that we may not expect, there are lots of things we can do to help us stay safe.

Bell Times for 2023-2024

The planning of transportation for routes and schedules for the fall is well under way and on track for the usual communication timeframe of mid to late August. The information below provides a bit more specifics on what you can expect.

School start times will remain the same as this year (8:05-2:35pm all days except Wednesday, 8:05-12:20pm Wednesdays).

School start times can be found on each school’s website.

Input Requested for School Pool!

The City of Bellevue is seeking travel data on how students travel to and from school and we need your input. This annual survey will help us evaluate our strategies for the Bellevue SchoolPool program, which aims to reduce drop-off and pickup congestion at schools.

Please click on this survey link to complete the short, five-question survey until it ends on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.

If you have questions, please contact Kate Johnson, Bellevue SchoolPool Program Lead, at kmjohnson@bellevuewa.gov.

Thank You Heart Heroes!

Dear Families –

We had a great time during Kids Heart Challenge and are so proud of our students and our school! THANK YOU for your incredible generosity and support in making our community heart healthy while helping others.

YOU made a difference! Together, 116 students took the Challenge to Move More or Be Kind, 19 Families learned Hands-Only CPR, 6 students completed Finn’s Mission, and raised $3,466 the American Heart Association, helping to save 69 lives and those with special hearts! Thank you! Thank you!

PS. We know how important it is to take care of our hearts year-round, so for additional tips and resources, visit the Parent Corner to keep your family healthy. If you haven’t completed FINN’S MISSION yet, you can still log in on the Kids Heart Challenge App or visit http://www2.heart.org/goto/Medina to learn Hands-Only CPR, the warning signs of a stroke, heart and brain facts, family fitness challenges, and more!

OR watch the Thank you Video!


Passcode: Ku1$SK10

With Heart,


Development Director, American Heart Association

King County River Safety Information for Families

Departments of Natural Resources and Parks, Public Health, and the King County Sheriff's Office have shared a letter they would like to provide to families in BSD schools. The letter serves as a reminder to families to be aware and plan ahead when recreating in or near open water.

May 11, 2023

Dear King County families,

Welcome to summer 2023! With children finishing school and about to be out of daily classes, many will visit local pools, rivers, streams lakes, and Puget Sound for swimming. Water recreation is a popular summertime activity here in King County. To ensure you and your family have fun, King County is sharing ways you can plan and make safety your goal.

While most kids enjoy swimming safely, preventable drownings and other tragic situations sadly happen every year. Preventable drownings in King County have continue to remain elevated with 29 fatalities in 2022, including 16 deaths in open water. In 2021, 29 people also died. In 62%of those open-water drownings, a lifejacket may have saved the person’s life.

Public Health – Seattle & King County advises:

• Wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket when swimming if no lifeguards are present,

and while boating, tubing, or rafting. Children ages 12 and younger are required by law to

wear a life jacket on any vessel under 19 feet.

• Ensure all family members know how to swim before going in the water.

• Watch children closely when they are in or near any type of water; always stay within touching distance of small children.

• Never use alcohol, marijuana, or other impairing drugs during water and boating activities.

• Learn CPR. Visit www.kingcounty.gov/cpr for training information on Hands-Only CPR.

Dangerous river conditions:

River recreation is inherently dangerous. No lifeguards are on duty and conditions are always subject to change. Throughout the summer, King County rivers will have cold, fast flows from this year’s late snowmelt. Rocks and gravel shift seasonally along rivers, changing the nature of local swimming holes. In some areas, shallow water will seem warm, but any moving or deep water will be very cold, which could result in cold water incapacitation or hypothermia.

When planning a boating or floating trip:

• Always tell someone your route and when and where you expect to put in and take out.

• Never float a river alone and, if possible, make sure there is at least one craft with oars in your group in case a rescue is needed.

• Bring a dry bag with food, water, and warm clothes.

For more information and where to find life jackets visit the King County Rivers Safety website at www.kingcounty.gov/riversafety or search for the “Washington State Parks Life Jacket Loaner Map.” Coupons for 20% off regular price of any life jacket in stock at Big 5 Sporting Goods are available through the Seattle Children’s Drowning Prevention Network at seattlechildrens.org/dp.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.


Christie True, Director, Dept.of Natural Resources & Parks

Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer, Public Health - Seattle & King County

Patti Cole-Tindall, Sheriff, King County Sheriff's Office

Nurse News

Please download the file (05-17-23 Elementary.pdf) below for information regarding:

  • Sun Safety and Information about the UV Index
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Bug Bites & Stings
  • Getting medical care at the Highland Health Center