Good Morning Baltimore!

Auditions for The Corny Collins Show

Monday, May 2nd, 3pm

WYZT Broadcasting

Don't miss out on your opportunity to become one of "Nicest Kids in Town!" The Corny Collins show will be holding open auditions Monday, May 2. Sign up for an audition on the form provided and come prepared to dance your socks off.
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Attention Baltimore High Students

Due to the drop in academic achievement, students will be checked each morning for appropriate hair height. All students not abiding by school rules will be assigned detention.

Caution Baltimore Residents

There have been reports of spontaneous outbreaks of tinnitus in local teenagers. This epidemic is reportedly spread by touching or even just looking at an infected individual. Residents are asked to keep an ear open and report all new cases to a medical professional.

Edna's Laundry

Does your busy work schedule leave you with little time to take care of your weekly chores? Do you find your laundry piling up before your very eyes? Worry no more. Washing, Stain removal, Ironing, let Edna help carry the load. Call for an appointment today. 555-5555

Hardy Har Hut

We carry all your Tracy memorabilia. Autograph photos, key-chains, magnets, wigs, and much more. "If we can't put a smile on you face...your skin is too tight."