Peter the Great

The Tall and Powerful Emperor of Russia

The Start of Peter the Great

  • Peter took the throne when he was 10 years-old, but he did not take control of the government until 7 years later.
  • In 1697 Peter wanted to learn more about western ways and he spent hours walking the streets of European cities.
  • He was a very curious man and was very interested in other cultures.
  • Some names that he was given are "Emperor of All Russia", "Great Father of the Fatherland", and "The Great".

Information on Peter

  • He was a skillful diplomat, who also abolished Russia's form of government.
  • Peter mostly focused on the improvement of science and hired many people to educate his people about technology.
  • Some things that he did was that he made Russia a western cultural place , modernized the alphabet, and made the first Russian newspaper.
  • Because of Peter Russia became am amazing European nation.

Peter Was A Very Effective Leader That Had A Lot of Good Qualities!

Although a Wonderful Leader He Had Some Downfalls Too!

Is he Really Peter the Great?

  • Peter was known to be cruel, and very tyrannical.
  • The taxes in Russia were extremely high, which led to revolts by the people.
  • Peter was a drunk, that got very violent from drinking a lot.
  • He was married twice and had eleven children, which many of them died when they were just infants.
  • He convicted his eldest son for treason, and he was secretly executed.

By: Brooke Jupinka

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