Theology 2---(1st semsester)

by; Coby Lobaugh

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Chapter 1- The Original State of Man: Original Sin and its Consequences

  • Adam and eve were created after original sin, because of thier poor choices it was now our fault that we
  • everyone's is born with original sin
  • Mary was not born with original sin
  • we have it because adam and eve disobeyed God
  • Genesis basically sums up how we came to original sin
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Chapter 3- And the Word became Flesh

  • The word became flesh to offer a model of holiness
  • The word became flesh to allow a share in divine life
  • Christs life was for redemption
  • Christ sacrificed himself so we no longer have to.
  • we continue to use this model in our daily spiritual lives
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Chapter 4- The Pasachal mystery

  • Gods game plan to get our lives back into shape after we go astray when we get tempted by original sin.
  • there are many symbols regarding the pascal mystery such as the Pascal Dove.
  • the purpose of the paschal dove was for humans to have eternal life.
  • the paschal mystery revolves around the life, death and resurrection of Christ.
  • Christs passion is also associated with the paschal mystery.
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Chapter 6- The Theological virtues.

  • Faith-believing in something without having proper reason to support it. "gut-instinct"
a sin against faith would be Voluntary Doubt,Schism, Heresy , Apostasy, Athiesum.

  • Hope- wanting to see the good or positive in any type of relationship or encounter made on a daily bases.
A sin against hope is Despair, Presumption,

  • Charity- enables a person to love god above all other things (materialistic or non-materialistic)
A sin against charity would be Lukewarmness, acedia, hatred of God, ingratitude, Indifference.

Chapter-7 prayer

Prayer is sorta unusual. if you say your prayer is answered could you prove that some God intentionly anwsered it or could it just be a assimilation of events that happened conscientiously to your personal benefit.

praying for the dead. people say they have come back from the dead then wrote books about it the books later turned into movies and thus created a fad where it is cool to "live twice" A individuals belief on this is subject to how much they trust and value the opinion of the person that they are trying to relate to. but truth be told before the publicity these people had they could have concocted a story just to have thier own greedy 15 minutes of fame.

Praying for the dead. i find it pointless to pray for the dead due to how they have no relevance to use. they have a purpose (may be insensitive) but thier purpose is to reporduce everything else is wanted but unnessacary. its a fatal flaw people like to believe that the person they once knew would still be there but if push came to shove then thier dead they no longer exist. and we cant prove off a book that they do exist later after death. Death means to cease to exist. to end. once a life is ended thier is no more.

Chapter 5-Blue book.

The four marks of the church.

Mark 1*(ONE)-the church is one, everything and everyone is united through the functions as one body and the people are like cells each with a individuail job.

Mark 2-(HOLY)-given to nthe church by the HOly Spirit itself.

Mark 3-(CATHOLIC)- meaning universal, along with unity everything has a meaning and a purpose to go with the

Mark 4- (Apostolic)-this has to do with Christ choosing his twelve apostles. God choose the twelve for a reason, each different and sometimes despised person. he showed it this that anyone has the potential to go and follow something they believe in (right or not) all it takes is will power and thing ive learned is faith is different for everyone but is extremely fundamental in any religion-based relationship regarding things un-proven. religion is a made up cooping mechanism that people use to boost their own self-esteem. We all are capable but religion is when we tell ourselves we can 'do better'

Chapter 7- Parousia, The Last Things.

the last things are Death, Judgment Heaven and Hell.

This (under the belief that we have a afterlife) is everything our soul can do without having a body.

Pariosia- this is the second coming of Jesus not the rapture but where he chooses the faithful and gives them the eternal life they have been craving.

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