Hero Project

Kari Rodeno

Devoted Dad=Happy Children

How would you feel if you spent your entire life working towards your goal and having to throw all that hard work away unexpectedly? Tom Rodeno, a father of two girls, had to quit his passion of football to raise two girls. He was able to deal with the new way of living life and made it his new goal to spend the rest of his life raising kind, smart, gentle, and conscientious children.

Football Jersey

“Bang bang bang!” Goes the dryer as I turn around soping wet eager to come out and be worn. I see a familiar figure, who is my owner, approach the surroundings I am in. The figure opens the door and pulls me out probably for the final game. My owner has talked about quitting football and I never could grasp why. Here I am about to begin the last of my days as a football jersey. Who knows where I’ll go after the last game. As I get pulled over my owners head I realize that this could be the last time I’ll ever be worn. I begin to move as the helmet is placed on top of my owners head. I move even more as my owner begins to run on to the field. I hear the crowd roar as I approach the center of the field. Around me I see a crowd of people hollering with glee. I started to realize that maybe the end isn’t as frightening as it seems to be. The people within this stadium seemed to have enjoyed the pride of my owner having me worn over his protective gear. Nevertheless the fact of being worn on my owners back but also the experience I have had being a walking representation of my owner's skill. Watching all these people with excitement filled in their eyes proves to me I have nothing to worry about in the future. I have done my job as making my owners dreams come true and now it is time to retire. Who knows maybe I’ll find a new owners whose dreams will come true.

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Here is a picture of the actual football jersey being described in the story. This was my fathers football jersey he wore when he played for the North Western Wild Cats.

Great Minds Think Alike

I definitely compare my dad to Audrey Hepburn because they both show selflessness. Audrey Hepburn ended her career to travel to Africa and help small children who were less fortunate. My father giving up his career to be the best father as he can for me and Audrey Hepburn putting her career aside to help less fortunate people both show examples of selflessness. Both of these astounding people are great examples of what a hero is.
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This was Audrey Hepburn's signature look. People identified her by this look and this look also created a trend within society.

Adjusting to New Technology

As my Father grew older, he had to adjust to the new lifestyle technology has created. He had to adjust to televisions, cell phones, and new types of cars. In the Interview posted towards the bottom, my dad talked about how technology is way more advanced in the field of education these days. He mentions that I am interviewing him on an iPad which was not available when my father was my age.
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This is a visual representation of the comparison of technology back to when my father was young to current day use of technology.

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