Andrew Jackson: Love or Hate

The Loved or Hated President

Suffrage Expansion

Average people loved Jackson and he loved them because Jackson was just like them when he was younger. When all suffrage expanded, lots of people voted for Jackson because they were so much like Jackson. Jackson was a hillbilly of his days. He loved partying and doing crazy things. Lots of people could relate to this and that is why he was loved so greatly by normal people of that time.

The Trail of Tears

The Indians hated Jackson because he forced them out of their home in Georgia and he moved them to Oklahoma. Many of the Cherokee Indians died on the long trip and many of them lost their loved ones. Jackson and the Indians always hated each other forever. Jackson just really didn't like the Cherokee Indians because he wanted the gold that was on the land that they lived on.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson destroyed the National Bank because he believed that it was only benefiting rich people and since he was never rich he did not want people like him to have to go through that too. Therefore rich people and Jackson never got along too well. He liked to be more fun and crazy but rich people were always snobby and on the safe side for the most part. I can see why he didn't like the rich people that much.
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Jackson Destroys the National Bank

This is Jackson destroying the National bank with a man behind him representing the average people and the people in the bank are the rich people who were benefiting from the bank. Jackson didn't like the rich people because he never was one of them so he wanted to make their lives miserable.

Letters to the Editor

I am a Cherokee Indian and I think that Jackson is a bad president. He forced us out of our home in Georgia and he moved us to Oklahoma. Many of our people died on the way there. He moved us just for gold on our land. He is very cruel and we hate him.

I am a Northerner and I love Jackson. We are so much like each other. He is the reason that we are able to vote because he expanded suffrage. He is a great leader and a smart man and he knows how to run a country.