Save Brushy Creek Park

Please don't destroy one of our beauties

Take this route because this does not destroy nature. Take this route because houses are not built in most of this path.Take this route because this does go under all your conditions. Take this route because it is only 16.10 miles long. If you don't understand what I mean read below.

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There are a lot of towers

Just in our park they are putting 10 towers and destroying 2.5 miles that's 13200 clipboards and there are 10 towers : 13200 clipboards. If you don't trust my calculation here is the expression 2.5x5280/c c=clipboards (1 foot). Plus each tower will be 13 6 feet men and 1 2 foot toddler. If you don't believe my calculations again do it your self here this is the expression:(80-t)/m m=men (6 feet) t=toddlers (2 feet). That is not all, around the tower they will cut 10,000 square feet of vegetation. If you don't still think I can do this math this is the expression: L x W L=length (100 feet) W=Width (100 feet).
Brushy Creek & Lake Creek Trail Tour

If They Don't Do This We Can Have a Total of 15 miles of Trails

This would be the same as 79200 clipboards. If you don't trust me the equation to find how many clipboards that would fit on the trail is: 15x5280/c c=clipboard (1 foot). This would be amazing if they didn't put the lines so please write letters at the link below:

So Please help

Guarantied to be the best trail in your life