Digital Citizenship Projet

Shaylee T. pd. 5

#1 Rule: Digital Etiquette...

Be Nice: Saying things only you would say in real life to people online this helps prevent a Flamewar or also know at Flaming.

#2 Rule: Information Privacy

Keep Personal Information to Yourself: If you give out your information to anyone they can either find a way into your account or they can send you things that might contain vireces that can mess up your hard drive.

#3 Rule: Social Networking

Be Safe online: What this means is never post anything that you would be embarrassed about if someone like your mom or dad, friends, sister or brother, or even teachers or fucher people you work with would see on your accounts'.

#4 Rule: Online Saftey

NEVER Reveal Anything Personal!: What this means is if you would not like someone knowing who you are and following you in real life than you would not give out the following:

  • Name
  • Address/phone number
  • But most importantly other peoples names or information that can get them in a dangers position.

#5 Rule: Cyberbulling

Stop and Think: You should always stop and think before you send a message, email, or even post... when you stop and think you should always think about the following:
  • What the other person might feel or think about you after the message, email, or post.
  • you might also want to think about why you are sending it to this person and if he or she has ever done anything to you (even if he or she has you don't be mean back)

#6 Rule: Plagiarism

Copying Someone eases work: When you do plagiarism you would copy someone elses work and call it your own. This can be also called pirating in movies but plagiarisms is for writing or or something else that you would have to be caught on.

#7 Rule: Copyrite

Yours and Only Yours: How I can explain this is the person who makes something and makes it them self has the right of way to have creative works. What creative works means is the person who made it has to either give perdition to the person or company that wants to either make something really close like it or a newer version of the object.