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Identifying elements found in stars

How elements are identified in stars

Every element has an unique spectrum that can be seen when looked at through a spectroscope. The study of this is called spectroscopy. The elements unique spectrum is its "name tag". For example Neon has the brightest name tag. If a scientist wants to see what element is in a star they can use these name tags to identify them.

How Is This Helpful?

We cannot visit far away stars, so to know what elements that they're made up of we need to use a spectroscope. By using a spectroscope we can see what tags make up a certain star. An example would be that scientists want to know what makes up a star in a far away galaxy, by using a spectroscope we can look at the star, and see the different spectrums that make it up. These spectrums are unique to an element which allows us to see what elements make up a star.

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