21st Century Learning - Week 9 - Term 4

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015. Song "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" by Celine Dion.

Christmas Resources

24 Christmas Carols - for your students to sing along with, use in a reading activity or a stimulus to create their own carols using power point. All 24 carols started their life as a power point.

Christmas Resources - App, activities, cooking, art, craft, You Tubes, on-line games, Traditions Around The World and more!

This week I added another 3 new Chrissy apps, 5 you tube clips and Christmas Science ideas.

New Curriculum

Science Scope - Beth Morgan, AP Greenacre PS, has shared her draft K-6 Primary Connections Scope and Sequence.
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L3 UNITS - Leonie Phillips has shared her L3 resources.

Alphabetical Order Game - S1

Technology Resources

Cool Sign Generators - McDonalds, KFC, chalkboards and more.

Stop Watch - An online whole screen stop watch.

Finger Keyboard Chart - print in A4 or A3.

Yoga, X Train and Dance App

Scratch Ed and create a Frozen code,

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Other Resources

Artist's Toolkit

Shuttersong iPad App - Add audio to pictures and save the file

Asia - New resources, including Travel Bugs.

Diary of Anne Frank - An amazing site which includes a 3D room of where they lived, complete with audios.

Tales of 20th Century London - On-line picture book

The Hobby Shop - Great interactive resource. Students can use the microscopes, catapult and Chemistry set and have fun learning.