Christmas In Japan

December 23 and 25 and 26

History of japan's Christmas

Although they really don't take it as a holiday of giving, they do take it as a romantic holiday. They celebrate Christmas all together on the emperors birthday on the December twenty-third They do not exchange gifts on Christmas Eve but couples do on Christmas Day. They do this because they take Christmas kind if like Valentines Day. The children are the ones who get gifts from Santa or as they call him Master Koroshu.

The Food They Eat In Christmas

Japanese families eat turkey mainly on Christmas Day, but some eat it on Christmas Eve depending on their custom. They also eat fruit cake and Christmas pie. They leave some kind of cookies for Santa and sometimes left over fruit cake.

Traditions for Christmas In Japan

Japans Christmas tradition is when you turn 15 you have to get married by the time you turn 25. You have to do this after Christmas and before you turn 25 or you will have a big fine when you want to get married after 25 or before Christmas.

When Christmas is Celebrated

Christmas is celebrated on The Emperors birthday. They still celebrate Christmas when Master Koroshu (Santa in Japan) comes and gives presents to the children.

Gifts That are Exchanged

Christmas presents are exchanged between people with romantic commitments as well as close friends. The presents tend to be 'cute' presents and often include Teddy Bears, flowers, scarves, rings and other jewelry. Christmas cards are also given to close friends.

The Symbols in Japan on christmas

  • One of them is a symbol that means love.
  • Another means dream.
  • Another one is faith.
  • Finally one means Merry Christmas.
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What do they call Santa?

They call what we call "Santa" Master Koroshu. It means a god or priest who gives gifts.

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