Main Beliefs

What do Christians teach their followers?- To love and believe in Jesus.

What book/text is used?- They use the holy bible.

Is there a belief in some sort of afterlife?- Yes and they think after you die you got to heaven.

Do followers go to church/temple?- Yes. When do they do this?- Every Sunday. How often?- Once every week.

Do Christians have any sort of rituals people follow?- It varies between denominations, an individual church, or an individual Christian.

Two Important Cities/Area of Land

What are some important cities?- Jerusalem, Bethlehem.

Why is is important?- Because they are the main places that they either live or go to pray.

Central Person/Figure

Who was the person/figure?- Jesus was the central figure of the Christians.

Why are they important to the Christians?- Because Jesus became a man and died for their sins.

Local place of worship

Where is a local place of worship that Christians can practice their religion?- A local church is most likely the place where they would go to worship.

How many people practice this religion here in the United States?- 83% of the united states people think they are Christians.

How many people practice Christianity in the world?- 1.8 billion people.

Current Events