Career Project

Giselle Ramirez

About Me

My name is Giselle Ramirez and i am a freshman at Hebron High School and this is my career project. At the beginning of this project I knew what i wanted to be. I wanted to be a Cosmetologist but then I saw how much they got payed and I wasn't sure anymore because of the annual salary I needed. I had two other career's in my mind tho and they were Fashion Designer and Interior Designer. When I was finished looking at all the information I needed to know about this career's I decided to look into Interior Designing. I want to go to The Art Institute of Dallas which is collage and a big step for me. I have two siblings, one brother that is older than me and one sister that is younger than me. I can get mad over little things and my personality changes when i get mad, I'm usually a nice person tho. I like to have fun with my friends especially with my Bestfriend Gissel. I love her because no matter what happens she's always there for me. No one in my family has gone to collage so thats why I'm nervous because i don't know what to do or how to do it. My mom and dad didn't went to collage because they didn't have the opportunity but they want me to go so i can be successful in life. I want to be a Interior Designer but if I don't become it then it doesn't matter because i feel like trying new things is good.

True color and Holland Test

My true color is Orange. This means I take life as a game, here and now. I act on moments notice. I value skill, resourcefulness and courage. I try to make everything fun even tho there not. I think the description fits me well except for one things.I do try to make everything fun but i don't like to be involved in athletic/sports. I like to encourage people when their sad because I feel like you shouldn't feel unworthy because you are worth more than you think. In my Holland Test my results resulted to be a artistic creator. I enjoy music, art and drama; prefer unstructured work; like to work in small groups rather than large ones; like to do things my own way.I do like to be creative because i feel like that makes me feel free of what I'm doing. Being a artistic creator is great because i want to be a Interior Designer and that requires for me to be creative.

Career choices

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Annual Salary

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This is my annual salary needed and i can't work as a cometology because of the median pay. A Interior Designer tho has a better median pay, it may not be enough for what i need but its good enough.