Sierra's Cookies

Your search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie is over!

Howdy! Im Sierra Rubalcaba, a 14 year old aspiring baker/pâtissier. Allow me to take a few moments from your day to give you the opportunity to experience the best chocolate chip cookie ever.

Handmade with all the lovin' possible, i whip up cookies made with only the highest quality ingredients. Days goes into the process of making these fine desserts, and i can ensure you will not be disappointed. To create the perfect texture, these cookies are quite larger than your average cookie. They are also jam packed with dark and semi-sweet chocolate for you to indulge in with every bite. At only 2 cookies for $5, i foresee decadence in your future, so place your order now.

See Maryanne Rubalcaba in the Civil Division to place your order today!