New York Colony

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Why was New York founded?

In the early 1700's the Dutch founded early New York. Soon after the Dutch founded it, England's James the Duke of York set out war ships to go clame the land. The Dutch gave up the land and England took it over.

Geography of New York

New York's geography includes many forests and good soil for farming. New York also has lakes, rivers, streams and mountains. New York's climate is, cold winters and mildly hot in the summer and spring. Most land in New York has mountains and flat lands where most settlers put their colonies. Some of New York's lakes include, Lake George,

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New York`s economy is great. We have successful farming and successful merchants. New York also trades with other colonies. New York produces so many goods such as wheat and flour, it is called the "bread basket".

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New York's government is a representative government. Also the government makes laws that are fair to the people.


There are many different religions in New York. The main religion is Christianity, but it is mostly mixed.

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