Suicide Awareness

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Suicide Awarness

Suicide Awareness is promoting the stop of suicide. We will make sure to have the people who have attempted or have thought about suicide to talk to a therapist to get the help that they need. We believe that suicide has to stop because so many people are affected by this.
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Who? - Suicide Awareness is an organization that is dedicated to lowering the number of suicides per year to 0.

What? - We help the people who have thought of or tried to commit suicide, the help they need.

Where? - We are trying to raise awareness throughout the nation.

When? - September 10th is National Suicide Awareness Day.

Why? - We want people to help because so many people are affected by this. For every suicide there are at least 6 others affected, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and cousins, teachers and peers.

How? - With every three people that help someone who is seriously thinking of this, you are saving everyone they know, and who have made an impact on their lives, countless years of heart-break and sadness.

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Help stop the problem

September 10th is national suicide awareness day, for everyone who participates you will be allowing one person who has tried to commit suicide go into our facility for free.

National Suicide Awareness Day

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 12am