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Mrs. Richardson's and Mrs. Dorothy's Kindergarten Class

November 10-14, 2014

Classroom iPad Needed

I have made my donation, have you?

Thanks to a few more parents and grandparents, we are getting closer to obtaining our classroom iPad. We now need just a little over $100. HAVE YOU DONATED YET? Please go online and donate, ANY amount is helpful. You can sent the donation to our classroom or make an online donation at:


I have made my donation, have you? Together we can make a difference in YOUR child's education.

Fall Festival . . . . . . . . . . Thursday 6pm-8pm

Please join the Ruth Hill Family on Thursday for an evening of fun, food, and games. The Kindergarten Team is sponsoring a Funnel Cake booth. All proceeds from this booth go directly back into our classroom to help buy classroom supplies and instructional materials

Thanksgiving Feast November 19

We will spend the month of November learning about the first Thanksgiving. This past week the students learned about the Pilgrim's journey on the Mayflower. This coming week we will talk about the hardship they endured that very first year in the New World. The following week will be spent on understanding the role the Native Americans played in their survival and the true meaning of Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, November 19th we will conclude this unit of study with a classroom Thanksgiving Feast. Please look in the agenda for more information.

Highlights from Show and Tell

Please don't forget to work with your child on their Show and Tell presentation. The ability to "describe" is a important skill that I assess every Friday. This is part of our effort to get our students to notice details and to verbally communicate what they see. As explained in our APTT meeting, "describing" is the foundation or the first step in the evaluation process.

This week's assignment was to bring in a household item. Below Hunter is describing a skillet and Micah a tablespoon.

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Homework This Week

Every night
  • Sight Words: red, run, three
  • APTT Presentation (Show and Tell) due Friday

Tuesday: Saxon Reading Sheet

Wednesday: Writing Homework

Thursday: Math Homework

Happenings At Ruth Hill. . . Nov. 7 - Nov. 14

November 10-14

Monday, November 10

  • School Council 5-6

Tuesday, November 11

  • Mid-Term 2nd Nine-weeks

Thursday, November 13

  • PTO Fall Festival 6-8

What's Going on in Class This Week . . November 10-14

Spelling /Sight Words: red, run, three

Math: Graphing and Numbers 20-30

Social Studies: Thanksgiving

Letter of the Week: R, r

Assessments on Friday:



Sight Word

APTT Describing Presentation (Show and Tell)


Fall Festival 6-8

  • Kindergarten is sponsoring a FUNNEL CAKE booth Come out, enjoy some funnel cake and support us!

Graphing - Students collecting data

Below are three videos of the students collecting data from fellow classmates for their graphs. It is a little difficult to hear, but each child is asking another child a question and recording their response. If the video is not running smoothly, you may have to let it buffer and replay.

Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples


Congratulations to these students who got a Perfect Score on ALL of their ELA tests.

  • Samantha, Derrius, and Patience

ELA Assessments:

Perfect Score/Spelling Test

  • Samantha, Derrius, Patience

Perfect Score on Sight Word Test

  • Samantha, Derrius, Natilie, Bayron, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Patience

Perfect Score on Letter Sound Test:

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Malcom, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Bryan, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Destiny, Erica, Patience, and Derek

Perfect score on Reading:

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Destiny, Erica, and Patience

Math Assessments: These students have passed their FIRST assessment on the following math standards: Please remember that each student must pass 3 assessments over the course of the year in order to MASTER the standard.

Counting and Cardinality

CC1 Counting to 100

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Derrius, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Destiny, Erica, Patience

CC2 Counting forward from any given number 0-100

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Destiny, Erica, Patience


CC5 Answering "How many objects are there?" Numbers 0-20

CC6 Comparing number of objects in a group (less than, more than, equal to)

CC7 Comparing two written numbers between 0-20

ELACCKL1d: Understand and use question words

  • Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Destiny, Erica, Patience

ELACCKL5: Sort common objects

ELACCKSL 2, 3 Ask/Answer questions about information presented orally

Place Value

NBT 1 Composing and Decomposing numbers 11-29


MD1 Describe Measurable attribute of an object

MD2 Comapre 2 objects with a measurable attribute in common

Students Earn Sight Word Super Stars

These students earn Level 3 Super Stars: Destiny, Jaylen, Bayron, Natalie, Hunter, Nevaeh, and Samantha. This means that they could read 30 sight words perfectly and fluently. WAY TO GO SUPER STARS!
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Highlights from our field trip to Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch

Big image
Big image
Getting ready for the hayride.
Big image
We stopped on the hayride to feed Uncle Bob's horses.
Big image
Hunter enjoying the hayride.
Big image
Did your child come home with straw in their hair, clothes, and shoes? They had a great time trying to throw it over the fence to the horses.
Big image
Derrius, Patience, Matthew, Bayron, Micah and Bryan are enjoying the petting pen.
Big image
Matthew has found a friend!
Big image
Watching baby chicks hatch from eggs.
Big image
More animals to pet in the petting pen.
Big image
Landen and Derek checking out the bees.
Big image
Trying to find our way out of the corn maze.
Big image