Carlie Teague

"You can only do your best YOU." - Rowan Blanchard

Who Am I


1. Personal Care Services

2. Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services

3. Early Childhood Development and Services


1. Natural Resources

2. Animal Systems

3. Plant Systems


1. Innovation

2. Income

3. Accomplishment

Learning Styles

1. Kinesthetic

2. Auditory

3. Visual


1. Human Services

2. Hospitality and Tourism

3. Law, Public Safety, Corrections, Security

All these things should be considered when deciding on a career because they show what skill set you have and if you'd actually enjoy your job.

Where Am I Going

My Career As...

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Psychiatrist are people who diagnose and treat people who have mental illness. Annual salary is usually around $186,000 for people who are certified with this job. This job is a small occupation which means hiring opportunities might be limited in some parts of the United States. This career is found in the human services cluster. There's a possibility of longer working hours and you may be on call for patients to make special arrangements to talk. Working weekends often happens. Many people have a private office but are on call for hospitals. Psychiatrist work at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hospice care, prisons, courts, and community agencies. An interesting thing about being a psychiatrist is that everything you do is trial and error. Mental health issues have not been proven by science but have been recognized by people who take on this profession to help others.

How Do I Get There

For this job I'd like to attend UCLA which is in Los Angeles, California. I chose this college because they have psychology as a major which is needed for my career. I also want to be far from home with new experiences which is why out of all places I chose a college in California. I'd need a bachelor's degree and I'd need to become a doctor in medicine. I was unable to find the cost for one hour but for 18 credit hours the cost is $2,400. There's a few scholarships I could try for that offer tuition for attendees who now reside out of state. A few are The Couponing for College Scholarship and the Scholarship are just two I could name.