Vinh's Project

Pride and Prejudice Project

Two Love Poems

Vinh Thai

English IV

7th hour

Mrs. Dearman

08 November 2013

Feelings to Love

Your looks, your kindness, and your blessing
Moved my heart one place to another
Not that I don't care about you
I was honor by you, nothing more
Graciously bonded with love to one
Trying to give you and I happiness
Nothing seems to work out right on how I wanted
I wanted to process gradually like you
I want to be fair to you
Because you are my destiny

Love at First Sight

You are the one I love
Like flying like a dove

Being in love is the best
Love is simply not giving up unlike pest

Love conquers from what's in your heart
Love begins from the start

Grasp your hands
Show he or she how you understand

Your heart then skips a beat
Your feelings will then greet

Relationship analysis between two characters

Vinh Thai

English IV

7th hour

Mrs. Dearman

08 November 2013

Relationship Analysis Between Darcy and Elizabeth

Darcy and Elizabeth first met each other at the ball. When Elizabeth first met Mr. Darcy, she sees him as a cruel, despicable man. Later on, Darcy declares his love to Elizabeth by writing a letter to her. Elizabeth reads the letter and refuses to Darcy's love. Elizabeth then rethinks detail for disliking him.

There are many obstacles between Elizabeth and Darcy. Lady Catherine, Mr. Wickham, and Mrs. Bennet tries to separate Elizabeth from Darcy. Mr. Wickham tries to tell Elizabeth that Darcy is a bad person. Mrs. Bennet encourages Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins; however, Elizabeth refuses to marry him because of his harsh, crazy personality. Miss. Bennet is jealous to Elizabeth because she wants Darcy. Lady Catherine wanted Darcy to marry her own daughter. Family and other family have become more issues to Darcy and Elizabeth relationship.

As soon as Mr. Darcy comes back to town, his attitude change. He meets Elizabeth again and shown Elizabeth he change to more gentleman like behavior. The relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth didn't end up together, Darcy had a talk with Elizabeth's family. Darcy then had an argument with Elizabeth's family. The next day or so later, Darcy wrote a letter to Elizabeth saying that he won't apologize to his rudeness to Elizabeth's family. Darcy thinks he doesn't have the reason to apologize. Elizabeth rejects Darcy for what Darcy has done to Elizabeth's family.

In the next twenty years, Darcy and Elizabeth won't get along because of what Darcy done to Elizabeth's family. That is how Darcy's feelings change to Elizabeth's feelings to not liking him. Elizabeth won't forgive for what Darcy has done. They probably won't see each other ever. This was because as Elizabeth thinks about her prejudice to Darcy, she starts changing and becoming more loving to Darcy. Now that changes, the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth won't be how they wanted.

Evaluate Pride and Prejudice Critique

Vinh Thai
English IV
7th hour
Mrs. Dearman
08 November 2013

My Critique about Pride and Prejudice

I would change the fact that Elizabeth thinks about her prejudice more to deciding her prejudice already. When I read Pride and Prejudice, Darcy and Elizabeth relationship changes quick, but if this doesn't happen, I would change Darcy and Elizabeth getting together in the end of the book. Because the way how I see, I see that Darcy and Elizabeth doesn't get what they wished to be. I would say if Darcy becomes more gentleman around Elizabeth's family, then Elizabeth's family would have gotten along with Darcy well.

The strong points in Pride and Prejudice are when people like: Lady Catherine, Miss. Bingley, Mr. Wickham, and Mrs. Bennet are causing Darcy and Elizabeth to have a struggle between these people. These people are trying to end their relationship. With people like them could make the book more interesting. A strong relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy is strong that they can't find anyone that they decide to be with. Nothing can change the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth. Some strong points are when Elizabeth receives the letter from Darcy the first time and the second time, which changes Elizabeth's prejudice much further. After she rejects Darcy's love second time, Mr. Bennet tells Elizabeth that if you keep rejecting like this and think about your feelings more, this will not change. He, then helps Elizabeth with her struggle of prejudice. Another strong thing is that Elizabeth learns every bit of detail of people that she rejects and keeps it to her information. Elizabeth's strong point is to get married and happiness for her life. Every women in this book dreamed to be married to rich men and wanted happiness. Elizabeth still loves Darcy at the beginning and showing that she hated him at the end, the letter changes Elizabeth's prejudice.

The weak points in Pride and Prejudice are when Elizabeth thinks about her prejudice more after she rejected Darcy's first love letter. The process of this what I'm seeing is that Elizabeth couldn't find anyone that would fit her to be what she wanted; she only likes Darcy. After when she turns down Darcy's letter, she also turned down Mr. Wickham, Mr. Collins, and others later. Marriage for women is from age sixteen to twenty seven; however, if the age is over twenty-seven, then the women are not to be married. The family in Pride and Prejudice won't allow that. One of Elizabeth's weak points is that she wanted a perfect man, but couldn't decide. This is like how Elizabeth rejects Mr. Wickham, but took her a while to make a choice to herself. The process of Elizabeth's doing is repeating, but the only change is when she gets back with Darcy again.

If the book would have been better than I would say that Darcy and Elizabeth are meant to be together. No matter how far apart they are, they are both irreplaceable.