Invasive species

Round goby

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Scientific name

-The round goby's scientific name is the Neogobius melanostomus

physical characteristics

-large eyes that protrude

-black spot on dorsal fin

-thick lips

-single, fused pelvic fin

-up to 25 cm long

where did it origanate?

-from the Black and Caspian seas

where can it be found in ontario?

-St. Clair river and all 5 great lakes

first offence

-in the 1990

known accomplices

-the round goby was believed to be brought into Ontario in the ballast water of ships from Europe

crimes commited

-round goby's causes species extinctions, increase homogenization of biological communities and decrease native biotic resistance to disruptions

-they eat aquatic insect larvae, the young and eggs of other fish, aquatic snails and In the Great Lakes they prey on zebra mussels

attempts at capture

-Ballast water exchange


-the round gobby eats larvae or eggs of natives and parasitize native hosts and they have successfully invaded the 5 great lakes

-if you catch the round goby you will get a reward on 2500$

who to contact

-if you find the round goby well fishing then call 1-800-563-7711