Forum Romanum

By: Maximus Collins & Nona Schroeder

What is a Forum? What activities take place here?

It is a Public space in the of a roman city that served as a market place, an entertainment space, and the center of religious and political life. People would be selling goods, there would be poets giving speeches, and some gladiatorial entertainment on occasion. Also, the Forum Boarium was a market area near the Tiber river where Rome had it's ancient cattle market.
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Famous Roman buildings the Forums

Basilica Julia- It was named after Julius Caesar and housed the civil law courts and tabernae (shops) and also provided space for government offices.

Tablarium- It was a record office that was the repository for the official state archives.

Rostra- A large platform, built in the center of Rome that stood during the Republican and Imperial periods. Many poets and Government officials gave speeches here.

Curia Julia- A Roman senate building where senators and emperors met to discuss affairs.

Temple of Vesta- It contained the "scared fire' and palladium of Athena. It was considered one of the most sacred buildings in Rome. If the fire went out inside of it, Romans thought it was a bad omen, so it was the Vestal Virgins job to keep the fire going.

Basilica Aemilia- It is considered by Pliny to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Rome. It fronts the forum.

Regia- It is the wedge-shaped area between the Temple of Vesta and the Temple of Antonius Pius and Faustina marks the site of the Regia, thought by the Romans to have been the residence of their early kings. The Regia was considered a sacred space and, although the seat of authority, was not where the pontiff lived.

What are these buildings like now?

Many of these buildings were destroyed during the fall of Rome. Both the destroyed buildings and the dilapidated buildings were in need of restoration. The Curia Julia, Basilica Julia, Basilica Aemilia, and Tablarium are are good condition while the temple of Vesta, Rostra, and the Regia are in ruins, barely standing.


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